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For solar technology, Australian govt backs nuclear company AREVA

short-listed for one of two projects to get substantial backing under the $1.5 billion solar flagships program….none of the big name US and Spanish proponents of the new generation solar tower technologies, such as BritghSource, e-Solar and Cobra, made the short-list.

The giant backing Australian solar,  Giles Parkinson |   Business Spectator, 12 May 2010, The French nuclear giant Areva might have made one of the deals of the year when it snapped up Ausra, the solar thermal energy company founded by Australian researcher David Mills. Continue reading

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Review: nuclear waste, Security Summit, Non Proliferation

Review. Australia. Government and media doing a fine job keeping quiet about the Senate Inquiry into Radioactive Waste Management Bill, while opposition mounts locally to the Northern territory nuke waste dump plan. South Australia’s Rann govt embarassed at $million cost likely from its court defeat regarding uranium protestors. Confusion in the uranium mining lobby, as prices tumble. Even more confusion about the Nuclear Security Summit plan to promote recycled uranium. Meanwhile ANSTO salivates at the thought of setting up a lucrative nuclear waste management business, and ANSTO’s baby, Silex promotes its dangerous laser nuclear technology.

International: Some 20 countries or more join up to Nuclear security Summit plan to send their enriched uranium to USA  or to Russia, for recycling.  Anxiety over earthquake risks in this plan.  Much confusion over Recycling, Reprocessing, Fast Breeder Reactors, Integral Fast Reactors.  Nuclear lobby gears up, with AREVA promoting its products at Nuclear Security Summit.  More nuclear power promotion for upcoming Non-Proliferation talks. India grappling with problem of nuclear insurance, and of a dramatic radiation exposure incident

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Like AREVA, nuclear energy company Silex buys into solar power

But the purchase leaves households interested in buying solar panels with a dilemma: by buying Australian-made panels, they are indirectly investing in nuclear energy as well.

Solar panel factory sees the sun again, Sydney Morning Herald BEN CUBBY,  April 14, 2010THE biggest solar-panel factory in the southern hemisphere is to open in Sydney this morning – after it was rescued by a nuclear energy research company. Continue reading

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