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Australia-wide campaign on action on Climate Change

climate action groups around the country, .. launched a national 100% renewables campaign on May 2.……..For more details visit

Climate groups campaign for 100% renewables, Green Left Weekly,  June 5, 2010 By Simon Butler The Rudd ALP government was elected on a promise to take serious action on climate change. Yet it hasn’t acted and Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions — already the developed world’s worst per person — are on the rise again….. Continue reading

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Australian taxpayers fund uranium lobbying council

Greens Senator keeps asking awkward nuclear questions in Parliament  Christina Macpherson, 7 June 2010. For just one example – this one, about the Uranium Council, funded by the Australian Government.

Senator LUDLAM—The council has been characterised by the uranium industry as a leading advocacy group. Can you explain to me why a group dedicated to increasing the exploitation of uranium should be funded by the Commonwealth? Why does this particular sector deserve Commonwealth support to do its advocacy for it?…

There are two of the largest resource companies in the world exploiting uranium in Australia, and a host of others, but the Commonwealth still thinks it is worth $3 million of taxpayers’ money to do its advocacy for it….

Do other commodities get their own taxpayer funded advocacy groups or is uranium a special case?

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Natural gas can play a role in move to renewable energy

Diesendorf also supports “a limited role for gas, because renewable energy is not yet ready to take over all of gas’s roles”.

Replace Hazelwood with gas? Green Left Weekly, June 5, 2010 By Ben Courtice “.., Environment Victoria has taken up the campaign with enthusiasm. A report for EV by energy market analysts Green Energy Markets (GEM) has provided one plan for replacing Hazelwood. Launching the report, GEM director Ric Brazzale said: “By combining new renewable energy with efficient gas and energy efficiency measures we can cut Hazelwood’s annual emissions of 16.2 million tonnes to 1.8 million tonnes, which would reduce Victoria’s emissions by 12% annually, as well as freeing up 27 billion litres of water for other uses.” Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia looking to the solar alternative to nuclear power

a great opportunity to not only use solar energy as a primary energy source but to profit worldwide from the renewable energy, as well…Minister of Petroleum, Ali Al-Naimi, said: “Saudi Arabia aspires to export as much solar energy in the future as it exports oil now.”

Alternatives to nuclear energy under focus – Arab News 7 June 2010, “…………..Official studies from the German government has shown that the risk of getting cancer significantly increased in children growing up in the neighborhood of a nuclear power station, particularly leukemia. Other disadvantages have to do with nuclear waste. The EIA has shown that a typical nuclear reactor produces 20-30 tons or waste per year that can’t be disposed of with Plutonium 239 remaining dangerous for as much as 10,000 years and radioactive for 240,000 years. Most countries reuse nuclear waste to create energy but this just creates more waste while others utilize the waste through their national defense departments…. Continue reading

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Nuclear Abolition Day marked in Melbourne

…The ICAN video can be viewed on YouTube – – and see also the ICAN Australia website entry –

Nuclear Abolition in Melbourne 4 June 2010 On the eve of  Nuclear Abolition Day ICAN Australia launched a new short video entitled “Who by Fire” based on retelling of the legend of Prometheus and Pandora displayed in a mural on the wall of the Fire Station Museum on Victoria Parade. Before the screening, which took place at Trades Hall, there was a peace picnic in Parliament Gardens, courtesy of Friends of the Earth ACE Collective, and a live performance of the work interspersed with live music and rap. Members of the audience – including several from Japanese for Peace – stood in the grounds of St Peter’s Eastern Hill church opposite the Museum, and 23 of them held lanterns, each representing 1000 nuclear weapons, this being the total world arsenal today …The ICAN video can be viewed on YouTube – – and see also the ICAN Australia website entry –
ACE Collective

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Why nuking the BP oil gusher is the worst possible action

Nuclear Follies: How Not To Stem the BP Oil Gusher, Daily Kos:, by Page van der Linden 7 June 2010, “…….Never has it been more apparent that there’s a lot of misunderstanding (deliberate or otherwise) regarding nuclear weapons than recently. I’m talking about the appalling, misguided idea that we can “just nuke” the BP oil gusher and it will some how “be okay”.Here’s the Global Security Newswire’s “Quote of the Day” from June 3, 2010:
The use of a nuclear weapon to stop the BP oil gusher is not an option. It is, in fact, the worst possible thing we could do. Here’s why. Continue reading

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Leading Australian law firms take up case against Muckaty nuclear waste dump

Maurice Blackburn, Julian Burnside, charged with waste dump action  3 June 2010 | by The New Lawyer THE Commonwealth Government and the Northern Land Council will face a Federal Court legal challenge over plans for a radioactive waste dump in the Northern Territory.Maurice Blackburn Lawyers is working with NSW law firm Surry Partners, and Julian Burnside QC, to commence proceedings challenging the nomination of the Indigenous land, at Muckaty Station near Tennant Creek. Continue reading

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French nuclear firm secretly got UK subsidy for waste disposal

They know full well that the economics of nuclear don’t stack up and that new reactors will only ever happen if the British taxpayer is forced yet again to carry the atomic can.”

EDF ran secret lobbying campaign to reduce nuclear waste disposal levy• Reactors builder won big concessions on key issues• Rethink on costs is in effect a subsidy, says Greenpeace   Tim Webb, Wednesday 2 June 2010

The nuclear industry is being offered what campaigners claim is a taxpayer subsidy on the disposal costs of waste from new reactors following a secret lobbying campaign, the Guardian has learned. Continue reading

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The eternal danger of nuclear wastes

THE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY AND RADIOACTIVE WASTES – our theme for June 2010. “The question whether one generation of men has a right to bind another, seems never to have been started either on this or our side of the water. Yet it is a question of such consequences as not only to merit decision, but place also, among the fundamental principles of every government.” – Thomas Jefferson, September 6, 1789

Half-life is the period of time it takes for a radioisotope atom to degrade to a state having half of its original intensity

As you can see the continued production, use, and dumping of such waste materials as depleted uranium and plutonium, into the world’s air, land, and water leaves a permanent problem for our children, grandchildren. great-grand-children ….

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