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Uranium Awareness from Experts, with Aboriginal Interpreters

Uranium awareness tour hits the road  5 July 2010, The Kimberley Uranium Awareness Community Forums kick off this week with meetings in Kununurra, Halls Creek, Billiluna, Fitzroy Crossing, Looma, Mowanjum, Derby and Broome.

The forums aim to inform Kimberley people about the risks of uranium mining and how this activity has affected Indigenous in other parts of Australia. Forum organisers have invited technical experts and Traditional Owners from the Northern Territory and South Australia to speak at the meetings. Continue reading

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Sweden’s Anti Nuclear Protestors

Sweden fines activists for nuclear plant break-in, Google hosted news, The Associated Press:– 2 July 20201, STOCKHOLM — A Swedish court has ordered 29 Greenpeace activists to pay fines of up to 17,000 kronor ($2,200) each for breaking into the grounds of a nuclear energy plant.

The Uppsala District Court on Thursday convicted the demonstrators of trespassing for climbing a fence of the Forsmark power station in central Sweden last month.The Greenpeace activists included 13 Germans and eight Poles, as well as demonstrators from Britain, France and Nordic countries. The organization said they had been protesting Sweden’s plan to allow old reactors to be replaced with new ones.In 1980, Swedes voted to phase out the use of nuclear energy, but the current center-right coalition has overturned the decision. The Associated Press: Sweden fines activists for nuclear plant break-in

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Australia waits for government action on Climate Change

Ms Gillard may set a national target for energy efficiency, as China has done.

Climate hurdle looms for Gillard,,  By Cathy Alexander July 02 2010, “…… the Gillard government is working overtime on one of the greatest electoral challenges of its time: climate change.A new climate policy will be released in the coming weeks and it could be very new indeed………… Continue reading

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UK nuclear power station fire

Blaze inside nuclear power station takes firemen seven hours to bring under control  Daily Mail   4th July 2010 A fire inside a nuclear power station took firefighters seven hours to extinguish yesterday. Emergency plans were put into effect as more than 45 firemen tackled the blaze at the Sizewell B station near Leiston, Suffolk.

The blaze in a building which is used to control fuel started at 8.45pm on Friday and was not fully extinguished until 3.40am yesterday.

Crews wearing breathing equipment entered a charcoal absorber used to filter gas and flooded it with water to cool the surrounding area………….The station has been closed since March for repairs to failed heaters which caused moisture levels to rise in the station’s containment building.

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Solar energy going ahead in Colorado

New funding for green energy announced, July 4,  Denver   Examiner, Leslee Schmitt In his weekly radio and online address yesterday, President Obama announced almost $2bn in guaranteed loans to two solar companies………..Colorado Senator Michael Bennet commented on the loan guarantees in Boulder yesterday. “I think we have the potential to beat all 50 states in terms of creating an energy-independent future for our kids, creating a cleaner climate and driving our economy as well. Washington may not be ready or willing to compete with China, but Colorado is.” New funding for green energy announced

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