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Greed and stupidity in uranium investment world

You would think that investors would wake up to the hype!  The so-called “nuclear renaissance” is just not happening.

Even the market for nuclear weapons is now looking dodgy – these being no protection whatever from terrorists, (in fact  a target for them)

China is looking to slow down its economy.-  China’s supposed  great uranium binge is a BHP executives’ fantasy

There is  a glut of uranium supply, made worse by the weapons reduction program, which now supplies  uranium (mining not needed)

From today’s CTV News: Despite the low spot and term prices, uranium producers have shown almost no discipline by reducing current or planned output,”…Despite falling uranium prices, worldwide spending on exploration and mine development grew 133 per cent to $1.6-billion in 2008 from 2006″

In sunny Australia, passing up the chance to develop 21st Century renewables,  we are mindlessly letting banks, super funds etc,  put our money into this gaping hole of impending loss – the almost certainly doomed uranium industry.

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Keep Fremantle nuclear and uranium free!

“Fremantle has been a nuclear-free city since 2000, and we are against any form of transportation of uranium through Fremantle.”

Uranium protesters rally in Fremantle, Sydney Morning Herald, ANGIE RAPHAEL, July 21, 2010 – Protesters have rallied against uranium mining ahead of a conference with major mining companies in Western Australia. Continue reading

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The truth about uranium market’s poor prospects

Uranium Prices Have `Limited Upside’ With Market in Surplus, CRU Forecasts, Bloomberg,  By Anna Stablum – Jul 21, 2010 Uranium supplies will exceed demand through 2012 and there is “limited upside” to prices for at least six months, London-based research company CRU said. Continue reading

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Mindless media spouts nuclear propaganda

If something looks too good to be true, it usually is. Journalists need to look further than industry press releases and the word of nuclear boosters. If they want to write propaganda for the industry then they should quit their jobs and go and work there.

Clean’ nuclear power is just a dirty rumour, Greenpeace International,  by jmckeati – July 20, 2010 Despite it being a complete fiction, it looks like the meme of nuclear power being a ‘clean’ energy source is taking hold in the media. Continue reading

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Schoolkids try to convince Mayor on nuclear-free movement

Cr Neoh has refused to sign the symbolic agreement saying it was not for local government to make a decision on.

School targets Neoh in anti-nuclear campaign, The Warrnambool Standard, PETER COLLINS. 22 Jul, 2010 Hawkesdale schoolchildren are keen to persuade Warrnambool’s mayor Cr Michael Neoh to change his mind and support their push for a world free of nuclear weapons. Continue reading

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Radioactive legacy of Western Australia’s uranium mining

Australian Greens Senator for WA Rachel Siewert has used the site to highlight the dangers of uranium mining.
“As the Australian Uranium Summit kicks off, it is crucial that West Australians get the full story,” Ms Siewert said. “Uranium mining and nuclear power is not clean, it is not safe and it is not cheap.”

High radiation levels ‘more than hundred times’ safe level at Wiluna mine | Perth Now, Narelle Towie, , July 21, 2010 RADIATION levels more than 100 times normal background readings have been recorded at an old uranium site, despite the area being “cleaned” a decade ago. Continue reading

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Cutting down on cancer risks from medical radiation

.Radiation is a known carcinogen. Therefore, before exposing a person to this amount of radiation, the pros and cons of performing a CT scan must be carefully considered……

Dr. Murray Feingold: Weighing in on radiation controversy – Chillicothenews, 20 July 2010, Continue reading

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Victoria: large scale solar plant and feed-in tariff

There is no doubt this initiative will mean that many local and international solar developers will remain in the country, and that Australia will have the opportunity of ranking among the leading developers of large-scale solar in the world…..

CLIMATE SPECTATOR: Brumby’s solar hit…Giles Parkinson,  Business Spectator, 22 Jul 2010 Victorian Premier John Brumby certainly didn’t miss with the timing of the state’s large-scale solar power plant initiative…..announcing a 5 per cent large-scale solar energy target, supported by the country’s first large-scale feed in tariff.…. Continue reading

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Big Oil Disaster would be minor compared to Big Nuclear Disaster

Contrary to the nuclear industry’s propaganda, nuclear power is therefore not green and it is certainly not clean” and stands, as it has since the 1950′s as the most environmentally dangerous of all possible energy sources

Big Nuke Power = Big Potential for Disasters, OpEdNews, by mahdi ibn-ziyad, 20 July 2010, Imagine what a nuke facility disaster of like magnitude would do to whole regions of the US. The awful immediate and long term terrorunleashed on the environment, including us humans ,is almost unimaginable. Certainly, an end of the world, apocalyptic scenario would unfound and engulf us all in one way or another Continue reading

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