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Anti-nuclear movement making waves in Australia

The sad reality is that whoever forms government in Australia on Monday will support expanded uranium mining and radioactive waste dumping at Muckaty.

Whilst we have strong political supporters it is increasingly clear that it is the community and community organisations and resistance that best challenges the atomic agenda

those of us working for a nuclear free future have got some results and made some waves.– Dave Sweeney, 20 August 2010, Continue reading

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Uranium mining risk to Alice Springs water

The federal member for the seat of Lingiari, Warren Snowdon, says if re-elected the Government will commit to a study of whether Alice Springs groundwater supplies could be affected by a proposed uranium mine 20 kilometres from the town.

Study into uranium impact on water ‘desperate’,  ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), By Anna Henderson, 20 Aug 2010, The Greens say Labor’s promise to investigate the effects of uranium mining on the Alice Springs water supply is a desperate bid to win back the environmental vote. Continue reading

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Strict new rules for in-situ uranium projects

the new rules:  Require uranium companies to restore groundwater quality to its pre-mining condition or better…Require baseline water quality testing for all in-situ uranium projects during the prospecting phase.

(USA) MINING: Colo. adopts strict regulations on in-situ uranium operations WaterWorld, August 19, 2010, Eryn Gable,  Colorado officials have approved the nation’s most stringent water quality protections for in-situ uranium operations Continue reading

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Both Australian Labor and Liberal would cut renewable energy funding

Australian Greens Blast Gillard For Cutting Solar Power Funding : Renewable Energy News, 20 Aug 2010, The Australian Greens say they are the only party serious about tackling climate change and transitioning Australia into a renewable energy economy. Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne, has attacked both Labor and the Coalition for cutting $416.5 million out of renewable energy funding. Continue reading

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Business needs a carbon tax, says Bob Brown

business sees the Greens as being economically responsible, I talked about saving Australia from recession. I talked about our proposal for a carbon tax. I believe it’s that proposal which one of the big parties, the next party in office is going to have to come back to because business wants it, because business is saying we need a carbon signal for investment into the future. Only the Greens are offering it

Greens say business wants carbon tax, Radio Australia:, Linda Mottram interviews  Bob Brown, Australian Greens leader. August 19, 2010 “……..BROWN: The Australian Greens are in favour of transforming our economy from burning coal and forests to renewable energy and energy efficiency, and we have to do it urgently. My colleague Christine Milne has put forward a proposal for Australia to be carbon neutral; that is not putting any further carbon into the atmosphere between 2030 and 2050. Continue reading

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Renewable energy – Australia’s opportunity

Australia has larger potential resources of renewable energy than any other country. We have abundant sunshine, wind, geothermal and tidal power. The great positive is that we can harness these over the next decade or two to supply most or all of our electricity and perhaps also enough to run our transport systems. We might even be able to export renewable energy

Climate change: the biggest campaign gaffe, Sydney Morning Herald, Barrie Pittock, August 20, 2010 –  Climate change is costing us now – and it’s both a challenge and an opportunity – but you wouldn’t know it from the election campaign. Continue reading

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Europe worried about lack of information on radioactive fallout from fires

Vice President of the European Parliament Rodi Kratsa said in a letter to the chamber last week that there are “serious risks” of radiation reaching Europe and asked her fellow deputies to find out whether Russia has a “prevention plan … to avoid the release of radioactive particles into the atmosphere.”

Fallout from Russia’s Fires – the ashes of Chernobyl,   TIME, Simon Shuster ,  20 Aug 2010, – “……..Shoigu changed his line about the risk of radiation and rebuked the RCFH for spreading “false information.” Hours later, the agency’s website went down, and it remained inaccessible until the morning of Aug. 18 — when it went back online with no mention of the Bryansk fires. RCFH deputy director Nikolai Bobrinsky told TIME that the agency was just following a request from the Emergencies Ministry that it stop going public with information about the fires to avoid spreading panic.
For now, all information from the fallout zones comes through the ministry. Continue reading

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