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Secret release of radioactive gases from Lucas Heights nuclear reactor

the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) decided against releasing a public statement at the time to avoid causing alarm.

Poison gas leak cover up By LINDA SILMALIS  : The Sunday Telegraph  August 29, 2010 POTENTIALLY dangerous radioactive gases have been secretly pumped into the atmosphere from Lucas Heights and have spread hundreds of kilometres from the nuclear reactor – but the public have never been told. Continue reading

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USA fossil fuel energy use decrease, renewables increase

(USA) Hey kids, we used less energy and more renewable tech in 2009! | ZDNet, By Heather Clancy | August 30, 2010, Well, here’s a refreshing bit of news for a Monday afternoon: A new data set released by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory reports that we used a lot less coal and petroleum last year, compared with 2008. Meanwhile, there were demonstrable increases in the use of renewable energy sources, especially generation systems based on wind technologies.
The researchers attribute the decrease in coal and petroleum use to lower electricity demand, a shift to natural gas as a fuel source, and wind power production offsets……Hey kids, we used less energy and more renewable tech in 2009! | ZDNet

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