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Australian govt cover up of radioactive gases from Lucas Heights nuclear reactor

Despite all the scientific evidence that these gas plumes are dangerous, the Australian government continues to maintain that the plumes were not harmful to the public

Australia’s Radiation Cover Up, The Intel Hub, August 30, 2010 By Michelle Jones On November 3, 2006, in Lucas Heights Australia, OPAL, the Open Pool Australian Light-Water Reactor was throttled to full power. There was grave opposition to this $400 million science research/nuclear facility, Continue reading

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Secret release of radioactive gases from Lucas Heights nuclear reactor

the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) decided against releasing a public statement at the time to avoid causing alarm.

Poison gas leak cover up By LINDA SILMALIS  : The Sunday Telegraph  August 29, 2010 POTENTIALLY dangerous radioactive gases have been secretly pumped into the atmosphere from Lucas Heights and have spread hundreds of kilometres from the nuclear reactor – but the public have never been told. Continue reading

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Muckaty nuclear dump – a foot in the door for international wastes

Senator Brown says it is only a matter of time before Australia’s first nuclear waste dump stores high level waste from overseas.

“Wait for it, it will become high level further down the line as the waste problem for China, for the US, for the USSR ,as it used to be, Russia, for Europe, for Taiwan.

Store nuclear waste at source, not in NT: Brown,  ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) By Jane Bardon, 4 August 2010, “….After launching the Greens campaign in the Territory, Greens leader Senator Bob Brown has called for nuclear waste to be stored where it is produced, such as Lucas Heights in Sydney. Continue reading

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Radioactive wastes could truck through Riverina, NSW

“We’re talking about literally hundreds and over time thousands of trucks of radioactive waste passing through these transport corridor communities.”

Residents warned of radioactive transport corridor, ABC Riverina NSW – Australian Broadcasting Corporation  August 3, 2010 The group Friends of the Earth has warned that the city of Wagga Wagga could be affected by Commonwealth plans to move nuclear waste from Lucas Heights to a new dump in the Northern Territory. Continue reading

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This Friday July 30th marks the launch of Friends of the Earths Nuclear Freeways campaign. A delegation of Friends of the Earth members and Batman electorate residents will travel over 3,000ks on one of the proposed routes for the transport for Australia’s radioactive waste.

The group will meet with numerous councils, indigenous nations, community groups, and emergency services organisations on the transport route from Lucas Heights to Muckaty.

The Nuclear Freeways Campaign works to inform and support communities along potential transport routes between Australia’s main radioactive waste producer – the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor site in Sydney – and the proposed radioactive dump site at Muckaty in the Northern Territory.

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Quiet beginning to clean up dead nuclear reactor

Little fallout from nuclear clean-up  (they hope) PS News 19 May 2010,

Obsolete facilities to be decommissioned, Work is due to commence soon on decommissioning obsolete nuclear facilities at the Lucas Heights Science and Technology Centre and the National Medical Cyclotron… Continue reading

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Muckaty nuclear waste battle goes to a global audience

YouTube – Muckaty Voices

The proposed waste dump law excludes the Muckaty Traditional Owners from procedural fairness and appeal rights, removes Aboriginal Heritage and environmental protections and overrides any Commonwealth, State and Territory laws that could be used to oppose or challenge the dump plan.

From the campfire to cyberspace: Radioactive waste concerns go global, Natalie Wasley, 18 May 2001 Aboriginal Traditional Owners opposed to a radioactive waste dump at Muckaty Station in the Northern Territory of Australia have taken their campaign to a global online audience. Continue reading

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Labor breaks election promise to set up inappropriate nuclear waste dump

Medical experts – including nuclear medicine practitioners – confirm that Australians can continue to have unimpeded access to diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicines without the need for this dump.

Labor reneges on nuclear waste promise, The Age, DAVE SWEENEY, May 14, 2010 Before the 2007 election, federal Labor promised a new approach to the management of radioactive waste, Continue reading

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Ionising radiation double the cancer risk for the young

Younger Patients Face Double Radiation Risk from CT Scans: Study, Ethiopian Review, May 13th, 2010 Younger patients run a higher risk of health problems from radiation exposure caused by computed tomography (CT) scans, according to a new study. Researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina found that the radiation risk for younger patients were double those of older patients in a CT radiation exposure study presented last week at the American Roentgen Ray Society 2010 annual meeting in San Diego, CA. Scientists say that the findings indicate that age is another factor that doctors should consider when ordering CT scans. Younger Patients Face Double Radiation Risk from CT Scans: Study

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Muckaty Australia’s Nuclear Waste Dump now – but What’s Next?

The nuclear waste dump battle is far from over. The Rudd government got elected partly on its promise to overturn Howard’s Radioactive Waste Management Act. Now, a tame Senate Inquiry has endorsed Rudd’s even more draconic National Radioactive Waste Management Bill.

Orchestrated by Australia’s fine Minister For Promoting the Nuclear Industry, Martin Ferguson, the new Bill opens the way for a radioactive waste dump to be imposed on Aboriginal land, against the will of its traditional owners, of the regional community, and the Northern Territory Government.

But that’s not all. Along with the Northern Territory Intervention, this Bill opens the door to further encroachment on the rights of all Australians, not only Aboriginals.

And – yesterday’s announcement of an agreement between the Australian Government and the Obam administration on nuclear technology, will soon be followed by a Obama’s visit to Australia. The timing of all this is remarkable.  The Muckaty nuclear waste dump is supposed to take the returned Lucas Heights nuclear waste.

But what’s next for Australia – which remains a signatory to the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership?

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Greens again call for safety audit of Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor

Audit nuke risk at Lucas Heights: Greens, Sydney Morning Herald, GABRIELLE DUNLEVY, May 6, 2010 – There are new calls for an independent audit into the Lucas Heights nuclear facility, with a whistleblower claiming staff are at risk from serious safety breaches. Continue reading

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Radioactive incidents at Lucas Heights nuclear reactor

at least one employee had “received a substantial dose of radiation”……The accident was confirmed by a confidential report by the nuclear industry regulator, Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency

Safety breaches at Lucas Heights, Sydney Morning Herald, ELLIE HARVEY, May 6, 2010 New claims of safety breaches have emerged at Australia’s only nuclear facility at Lucas Heights. The allegations were made by an employee of 28 years and backed up by an external safety report by an industry regulator. Continue reading

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Nuclear Waste Dump: three recommended Australian Defence Force sites excluded. Why?

A bill presently before parliament rules out the possibility of using one of three previously nominated sites on Australian Defence Force land in the Northern Territory,

Plan For Nuclear Waste Dump Faces Backlash, IPS, By Stephen de Tarczynski, MELBOURNE, Apr 26, 2010Aboriginal landowners in Australia’s far north are battling government plans to construct this country’s long-term nuclear waste storage facility on their land… Continue reading

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Review: nuclear waste, Security Summit, Non Proliferation

Review. Australia. Government and media doing a fine job keeping quiet about the Senate Inquiry into Radioactive Waste Management Bill, while opposition mounts locally to the Northern territory nuke waste dump plan. South Australia’s Rann govt embarassed at $million cost likely from its court defeat regarding uranium protestors. Confusion in the uranium mining lobby, as prices tumble. Even more confusion about the Nuclear Security Summit plan to promote recycled uranium. Meanwhile ANSTO salivates at the thought of setting up a lucrative nuclear waste management business, and ANSTO’s baby, Silex promotes its dangerous laser nuclear technology.

International: Some 20 countries or more join up to Nuclear security Summit plan to send their enriched uranium to USA  or to Russia, for recycling.  Anxiety over earthquake risks in this plan.  Much confusion over Recycling, Reprocessing, Fast Breeder Reactors, Integral Fast Reactors.  Nuclear lobby gears up, with AREVA promoting its products at Nuclear Security Summit.  More nuclear power promotion for upcoming Non-Proliferation talks. India grappling with problem of nuclear insurance, and of a dramatic radiation exposure incident

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Martin Ferguson’s confused claims about medical radioactive waste

Waste is not from nuclear medicine , ABC Radio Darwin, 5 March 2010,  By Liz Trevaskis

“…….Nuclear radiologist Peter Karamoskos spoke to Leon Compton on the Morning program. He explained that the majority of nuclear medicine procedures do not produce waste that requires long term storage.

He says that “I think the Minister is probably a little bit confused about what he refers to as nuclear medicine…. nearly all nuclear medicine involves short acting radio isotopes which usually decay on site, and then are disposed of into the normal environment.”

“The amount of waste is commensurately small when compared to the vast bulk of the waste which will be stored at the repository, which is the nuclear fuel waste.”

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