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The plot thickens in promotion of Olympic Dam Uranium Mine

Last month the Australian government set up a Mines Tax policy team. It is led by Don Argus, former chairman of uranium miner BHP Billiton. Other members are former uranium company Rio Tinto executive David Klingner, Erica Smyth, chairman of uranium explorer Toro Energy.

So, Australia’s mining tax policy is guided by uranium mining representatives.

And now, in a bold statement in facvour of a carbon tax, BHP Billiton’s Chief Executice officer Marius Kloppers sets the scene for BHP to increase its influence over Australia’s government.

It all sounds so good. But note that, in supporting action on Climate change, Kloppers promotes “alternative” energies to take over from coal.

I’ll bet that “alternative” will turn out to be one of those words like “renewable” and “clean” that are applied to nuclear power. And all in such good timing, as BHP Billiton is desperate to get its Olympic Dam uranium mine expansion happening.

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Liberal MP in Northern Territory plans to betray Aboriginal Jeffrey Lee

Member for Katherine Willem Westra van Holthe wrote: “People like Mr Lee won’t be around forever so I believe it will be easier to ‘unreserve’ a piece of land than mine it inside a park boundary or excise it … at a later time.”….

CLP digs up new uranium policy | Northern Territory News | Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia |, BEN LANGFORD, September 16th, 2010 PLOTTING is afoot within the Territory Opposition to change its policy on uranium mining at Koongarra, a leaked email shows. Continue reading

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BHP’s Marius Kloppers accused of having “nuclear agenda”

Business Spectator, Sept 16 10, “……Liberal senator Cory Bernardi said Mr Kloppers was speaking out of self-interest because BHP Billiton was keen to pursue a nuclear agenda.”In sharemarket parlance, people talk up their own book and that’s what Mr Kloppers is doing,” he told Sky News, adding the resources giant’s chief executive officer was pushing alternative sources of energy such as uranium. Greens welcome Kloppers’ remarks | News | Business Spectator

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BHP Billiton’s Marius Kloppers puts the case for carbon price

He noted that up to 90 percent of carbon emissions contributed by the countries electricity sector were largely caused by coal fired power stations across Australia as he asserted that we “will need to look beyond just coal towards the full spectrum of available energy solutions.”

BHP chief urges nation to look for alternatives in light of carbon price concerns – International Business Times, By Yumi Roxas | September 16, 2010 BHP chief urges nation to look for alternatives in light of carbon price concerns…… Continue reading

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Australian Greens support BHP chief’s carbon price statement

Senator Brown said the businessman’s remarks legitimised the federal government’s promised climate change committee of MPs and experts that will work towards pricing carbon.

Greens welcome Kloppers’ remarks   Business Spectator,   16 Sep 2010 BHP Billiton Ltd chief executive Marius Kloppers’ support for a carbon price is music to the ears of Australian Greens leader Bob Brown. Continue reading

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Mexico stalling on nuclear power, as gas is cheaper

Mexico Delays Decision on New Nuclear Plants as Gas Price Falls,  By Carlos Manuel Rodriguez Sept. 14 (Bloomberg) — Mexico, one of three Latin American nations that use nuclear power, is delaying by as much as two years a decision on building nuclear plants as lower natural-gas prices reduce the attraction of the alternative energy source…

…A final decision on whether to build new nuclear plants and the quantity will be based on cost-effective “technical” factors, including the outlook for gas prices, Kessel said……In the U.S., lower gas prices, combined with less demand for electricity because of the weak economy, has slowed investments in renewable-energy projects and may prevent expansion of nuclear energy, NextEra Energy Inc. Chief Executive Officer Lewis Hay said in a June 23 interview.

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Hydro electric power plan for Queensland

The proposal would generate 1,800 MW of renewable baseload electricity travelling via undersea cable to Weipa and could potentially plug directly into Townsville as early as 2020.

Queensland plugs in to hydro power, Architecture and Design 16 September 2010 Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has backed a multi-billion dollar hydro power project in PNG that would plug directly into Townsville, providing green energy to Queensland. Continue reading

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Nuclear power looking unaffordable for Poland

Poland’s nuclear target sounds a little bit tough to me as there are few financing opportunities out there right now,”

Analysis: Polish nuclear project faces further delays, By Patryk Wasilewski   Sep 14, 2010 WARSAW (Reuters) Continue reading

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BHP Billiton chief’s agenda in Climate Change statements

Reading between Kloppers’ lines, Sydney Morning Herald, ELIZABETH KNIGHT, September 16, 2010 BHP Billiton’s Marius Kloppers is engaged in the mother of all juggling acts. He is attempting to keep the Rio Tinto iron ore joint venture ball up in the air while competition regulators around the world are tying one hand behind his back.He is also desperately trying to appease shareholders who are unconvinced about the strategy behind BHP’s $42.8 billion purchase of Potash Corp…….

He made it clear enough that BHP Billiton was looking to have a say in what kind of scheme the government could be considering before any decisions were made. Reading between Kloppers’ lines

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Uranium mining should be included in Australia’s mining tax

Australia Greens Want Mining Tax Raised, Uranium Added in Gillard Hurdle, Bloomberg, By Marion Rae – Sep 16, 2010 The Australian Greens Party wants Prime Minister Julia Gillard to increase a proposed levy on coal and iron ore profits and expand it to include uranium, underscoring the pressure on her two-day old minority government……
The Greens Party won a record 12 percent of the national vote at last month’s national elections, giving them nine seats in the upper house Senate and one in the lower house. Gillard’s Labor Party must placate the Greens to pass legislation and do so without alienating three independent lawmakers who also helped her secure a parliamentary majority…….Australia Greens Want Mining Tax Raised, Uranium Added in Gillard Hurdle – Bloomberg

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Nuclear power financially dangerous for India, and USA

Indians have little to gain from caving to U.S. pressure….nuclear electricity is still one of the most uneconomical ways for it to meet its near and mid-term power requirements……..

More important, domestic U.S. legal nuclear liability caps will sunset in 15 years and leave firms totally exposed in the case of a nuclear accident…….

India Unmasks America’s Nuclear Liabilities –, * SEPTEMBER 13, 2010 Private companies should insure themselves, not ask Delhi to do it for them. By HENRY SOKOLSKI Continue reading

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