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Australia’s top nuclear lobbyist gets top education job

Ohmygawd, now we have Australia’s top nuclear salesman in a top position in academia!   Yes, forget the humanities, forget scientific inquiry, RMIT university’s new Chancellor is to be a paid nuclear front man, trained only in the narrow field of nuclear physics.

Yes, it’s none other than Ziggy Spinowsky. He got some top post in the Australian Opera, presumably to get prestige in that area, rather than just as a nuclear lobbyist. Now, nuclear lobbying is entering education.- Christina Macpherson


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Carbon offset scheme can be an economic winner for Australia’s Aborigines

Centrefarm has urged the Government to make new laws to enshrine Aboriginal ownership of the carbon stored on their land.

Carbon offset scheme aims to use Indigenous land – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), By Alex Johnson and Paul Serratore  Oct 26, 2010 A not-for-profit group in Central Australia is establishing a scheme to encourage Australians to offset their carbon emissions on Indigenous land. Continue reading

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Newcastle project for new solar energy technology

The main advantage of the technology is that, unlike current solar thermal plants, it can be used in areas with no water, which are often the sunniest places on the planet.

Magic of mirrors, Newcastle Herald, BY MATTHEW KELLY27 Oct, 2010 It is used to power jet engines, now the same principle of converting compressed air into energy will produce enough electricity for up to 200 houses.CSIRO’s energy centre at Mayfield West has become home to the southern hemisphere’s biggest Brayton cycle project, which uses only the sun and air to produce electricity. Continue reading

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Renewable energy favoured by American voters

Americans in general are waking up to the possibilities of renewable energy sources and are ready to support positive change in energy legislation in the upcoming elections. ..

US Voters Warm Up to Renewable Energy Ecoinstitution,  October 26, 2010 by z1nemo “….It looks like elections this year will hold good news for renewable energy. In a recent poll of voters conducted by Public Policy Polling for the NRDC Action Fund it was found that the majority of voters were in support of an energy bill with strong ties to renewable sources. Continue reading

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Hazards in BHP’s planned export of uranium to China

“BHP propose precedent sale of uranium in copper concentrates to China…“This is not sanctioned under Australia’s nuclear treaties … it would compromise our safeguards and environmental responsibilities, and dump some 1.2 million tonnes of long-lived radioactive mine wastes in China every year.

‘Toxic lake’ future for Olympic Dam, Roxby Downs Sun, 25 Oct, 2010 02:26 BHP must present feasible alternatives to prevent or reduce the environmental impacts of the proposed Olympic Dam expansion in the next phase of the Environmental Impact Statement process, the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) say. Continue reading

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Airport body scanners, ineffective, but raise radiation question

ARPANSA’s safety advisory council said the use of radiation in non-medical situations was considered “a planned exposure”, and any public benefits must be clearly proven before deployment.

Sacrificing privacy without ensuring airport security The Australian,  Karen Dearne,  October 26, 2010 THE federal government is trying to allay privacy and health fears over its $28.5 million plan for virtual strip-search scanners at airports. Continue reading

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Ionising radiation found to be a greater cancer risk

a new study reveals that the hazard may be greater in adults than previously believed……..our results [now] show that for a middle-aged person around 50 or so, that risk came out to be twice what the standard models had predicted.”….

Radiation May Be a Greater Cancer Risk for Adults Than Doctors Thought, TIME , By Alice Park , October 25, 2010 From the sun’s ultraviolet rays to the weak cosmic exposure we get on plane flights to the screening tests that doctors recommend, our bodies are constantly bombarded with small but relatively consistent doses of potentially cancer-triggering radiation. Continue reading

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Pro nuclear John Howard spruiking yet again

He’s back!  Well, it must be hard for him to realise that he’s irrelevant now.

Former PM John Howard was on the nuclear platform again, quoted in The Australian  –  “climate is changing and Australia should   go as hard as possible on technological solutions and drop our absurd objections to nuclear power.” NBN a colossal waste, says John Howard | The Australian

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Report on the Nuclear Compton Telescope accident in Northern Australia

causes related to insufficient risk analysis, contingency planning, personnel training, technical knowledge, government oversight and public safety accommodations………Immediately after the accident in Australia, launch operations at all of NASA’s balloon sites were suspended.

NASA Releases Report About Australia Balloon Mishap, Space Daily, Oct 25, 2010 A NASA panel that investigated the unsuccessful April 28 launch of a scientific balloon from Alice Springs, Australia, has released its report. Continue reading

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Australian govt to try mediation to get nuclear waste dump on to Aboriginal land

a representative from other clans, Mark Lane Jangala, has launched a Federal Court challenge against the Government and the land council to try to stop the dump.

Nuclear dump parties to enter mediation, ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), By Anna Henderson, 26 Oct 10 The Federal Government and the Northern Land Council have agreed to mediate with Aboriginal clans who oppose a nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory. Continue reading

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New DVD from Germany, about Olympic Dam uranium mine

The DVD specializes in the truth of BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam (Roxby) uranium mine in northern South Australia–the world’s greatest uranium deposit.

The Reality About The Largest Uranium Mine in Australia, Bukisa, Oct 25th, 2010 by scotmxncmoe Continue reading

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Tax-payer subsidises uranium mine, but unaware of toxic result

“BHP propose to dump radioactive mine tailings on the surface and to leave them there forever rather than to dispose of their wastes,”…“BHP do not intend to rehabilitate the proposed open pit, intending instead to leave a toxic lake as a radioactive scar on the landscape.”.

‘Toxic lake’ future for Olympic Dam,  Roxby Downs Sun, 25 Oct, 2010 “……..  BHP had designed the project to leak an average three million litres of liquid radioactive wastes a day until 2050 and only plan to line about 15 per cent of tailings piles. Continue reading

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