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Australia’s leaders cave in to American power and militarism

will Australia be asked to store nuclear, chemical and biological weapons? Will we be asked to host facilities that can launch these weapons?…..It is to Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd that we look for leadership and this last week both disappointed……..Gillard and Rudd have caved in.

Too weak to take the middle ground – Unleashed (Australian Broadcasting Corporation),  Bruce Haigh 12 November 2010 A week of significant change has largely gone unnoticed by a star and bangle-struck Australian media. Still, perspicacity is not a strong point of a greying and self-satisfied Fourth Estate, more concerned with the state of the property market than the state. Continue reading

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America’s and Russia’s nuclear missiles still on hair trigger alert

.protocols have not changed since the end of the Cold War. America still keeps its missiles on launch-ready alert. In this posture, the bias is on ensuring that the missiles can be fired, rather than on making sure they are not launched accidentally. That’s a dangerous posture as we now live in an era of terrorism and cyber warfare.

Could Terrorists Launch America’s Nuclear Missiles? TIME, Bruce Blair , 12 Nov 10, The Air Force calls the situation “Launch Facilities Down.” On Oct. 23, a Wyoming-based squadron of 50 nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) — enough firepower to kill some 20 million people — lost computer communications with their human controllers for 45 minutes. Continue reading

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Melbourne’s Port Phillip bay endangered by American nuclear warships

“There are big risks in having nuclear power or nuclear armed warships in Port Phillip Bay.”

Bandt: We Don`t Want U.S. Ships, Mathaba, 10 Nov 10, Greens MP Adam Bandt has expressed concern at plans for more US naval visits to Australia saying the government must explain what it means for Melbourne. Continue reading

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No U.S. military bases on Australian soil!

Obama administration needs to carry bigger stick | The Australian, Marty Morrison, 10 Nov 10,”…….. AS the 19th-century British foreign secretary Lord Palmerston put it, there are no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, only permanent interests. This quotation should make us question whether the US alliance is good for Australia.We have recently followed the US into two unresolved wars which really had nothing to do with us (and don’t forget Vietnam). How many more will we gladly participate in to please our masters? Australia’s “permanent interests” are vastly different from those of the US. Let’s regain our independence, like New Zealand has. Economic cooperation, yes. Military interventions, no. And definitely no US bases on Australian soil., Palm Beach, NSW…..

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Australians – all too NICE on matters nuclear and military

What a week of sycophantic subservience it has been!

USA’s Clinton and Robert Gates informed Australia of our increased role in America’s war strategy, with a new target for terrorism to be set up in W.A.   And, Australians fawned and applauded.

Global airline pilots worried about radiation security scanning at airports, and the biggest international pilot union is boycotting them.  But Australia’s airline pilots will apparently let the government assure them that somehow, OUR radiation scanners won’t pose the same cancer risk.

The media happily applauded the U.S. top level secret military mission, and Obama’s visit to India.  What didn’t rate a mention were the big and passionate anti-U.S. protests that greeted Obama in India, and of course, the mass anti-nuclear action in Germany.

But them I forgot – this is the Australian monopoly mass media –  and, Hillary and Julia had a lovely walk together.  And, Tiger Woods is in town, too. – Christina Macpherson

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Young Australians question Hillary Clinton with a kind of self-censorship

Even closer military and political ties mark the latest hotting up of an old but seriously unequal love story…….Throughout, no one challenged Clinton on the purpose or impact of her nation’s  unprecedented global power. It beggars belief that your average room of youngish university folk wouldn’t contain at least some who were capable and willing of sterner stuff

Questions Hillary wasn’t asked on her date with Australia, Sydney Morning Herald, Hamish Ford, November 10, 2010 If you thought we were already ”all the way” with the USA, it seems the object of our long-distance affection was previously just flirting at the bar. Continue reading

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German protestors from all walks of life inspire global anti-nuclear movement

The anti-CASTOR protestors have set an example for the whole world of the raw power of peaceful protest to challenge both government and the nuclear industry. Their historic resistance this weekend will no doubt continue to be an inspiration for all of us working towards a future where dangerous nuclear energy is a thing of the past.

Raw power of peaceful protest: 10,000 people take direct action against nuclear transport | Greenpeace International by Laura K. – November 8, 2010 From Australia to Canada, from India to the UK – the world is watching the ongoing protest of the CASTOR nuclear transport in Germany. Continue reading

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Australia’s danger in closer military ties with USA

lf the primary justification is ”regional security”, why should Australia agree to even greater military ties with the US when it will make us more of a potential target for terrorism?

Questions Hillary wasn’t asked on her date with Australia, Sydney Morning Herald, Hamish Ford, November 10, 2010  – “…..Here, then, are the questions that weren’t asked of Hillary Clinton, but at least a couple of which should have been: ……….. Continue reading

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Big risks in U.S. nuclear warships in Australian ports

Greens MP to quiz Gillard on naval visits | The Australian Lanai Vasek , November 09, 2010 GREENS MP Adam Bandt will request top-level talks with Julia Gillard to review plans for more US naval visits to Australia.The proposals were outlined at the annual Ausmin conference this week.Mr Bandt said it was time for Australia to show more independence from the US, and there were “big risks” in having nuclear-powered or nuclear-armed warships in Australian ports.”I will be raising my concerns directly with the Prime Minister and seeking answers to my questions about the impact and safety of increased ship visits to Melbourne,” Mr Bandt told The Australian.”We want a strong relationship with the US, but one based on our recognised independence.”I am concerned that we are making decisions like troop deployment not on the basis of our national interest but simply because another country wants us to.”…

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Woomera ‘prohibited’ zone to have both uranium mining and weapons testing

The region is synonymous with the testing of long range missiles and rockets during the Cold War and is still used by the military for weapons testing. The Resources Minister Martin Ferguson said that the new recommendation is that the miners and the military would be both operating at some sections of the land on a time share basis.

Australia May Tap Restricted Area of Woomera for Natural Resources [uranium mining] Azomining, By Joel Scanlon, 9 Nov 10, The Woomera weapons testing range in South Australia’s outback will be downsized to allow mining in the region as per a federal government report recommendation. Vast restricted areas of South Australia will be opened up to mining companies including foreign investors if the review is considered favourably. Continue reading

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The nuclear industry’s close connection to bombs

The nuclear industry has been boasting in recent years that it is on the verge of a renaissance, with scores of new countries interested in nuclear power as part of an “energy mix” to decrease greenhouse gas emissions ….There’s a security concern associated with that. The nuclear fuel cycle for reactors begins by enriching uranium until it can sustain a nuclear reaction, and it ends with the production of plutonium. Both are processes that create material for bombs. There is a line between nuclear power and nuclear weapons, but it’s thinner than the nuclear industry would want us to believe.

Fissile Material Smuggling and the Nuclear Renaissance,, by Eben Harrell , November 8, 2010 There was a very scary story out of Georgia today after two Armenian men pleaded guilty during a secret trial to smuggling highly enriched uranium into the former Soviet state and trying to sell it to an undercover agent posing as a representative of Islamic radicals. Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton talks sweet nothings to a tame Australian youth audience

The venue was secret. The audience members were carefully selected. The questions to Hillary Clinton were pre-planned.

Hardly a surprise then that nothing of critical relevance to Australia was discussed.  And certainly not a heckler in sight,  – heaven forfend!  – in this reverential audience.

Sad, isn’t it?  As Australia already hosts the world’s biggest secret USA spy base (Pine Gap), we’re about to get another one.   You’d think that would be a topic, wouldn’t you?  (Well, it will be, today, in top level secret talks with Robert Gates, Clinton, Rudd, Gillard.  That, and a lot more.)

But, bear in mind –  USA is looking like going broke –  so, they gotta sell a lot of military stuff to Australia, India, Asian countries – anyone, really.

It’s not about war, and the danger of naughty China.  No, it is about America’s need to be the world’s military police, but mainly,  it’s just the money, stupid!

By the way, one little U.S. worry that might be discussed – possible export of U.S nuclear wastes to Australia.  Even trickier, now that Europe has decided than nuclear waste is too dangerous to export.

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Clinton visit digs Australia more deeply into USA war machine

Reports from the mainstream press reveal the visit is part of the Gillard government’s increasing involvement in the U.S. War machine….A new U.S. Space Warfare Base in West Australia

U.S. war criminals in Oz as Australia boosts its involvement in U.S. war machine | Indymedia Australia, 8 Nov 10, “……  The whole visit and itinerary has been kept secret, supposedly for “security” but more likely to prevent any public protests against U.S. imperialism and the U.S. Australian alliance. On the agenda for the talks include the development of new U.S. bases in Australia, Continue reading

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Secret documents may prove guilt of British atomic test program

the papers could be the “smoking gun” that proves military chiefs knew they were sending servicemen to their deaths when they made them watch atomic blasts 50 years ago.

Release of secret documents that could bring justice to nuclear bomb veterans ordered   –, By Susie Boniface 7/11/2010 A judge has ordered the release of top secret documents that could bring justice to Britain’s nuclear bomb veterans. Continue reading

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Australia’s new greatly expanded role in USA military presence

the Australian development is part of a new U.S. strategy to step up its military presence in the Asia-Pacific region

Australia, U.S. agree to major escalation of military co-operation Continue reading

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