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Review: nuclear waste, Security Summit, Non Proliferation

Review. Australia. Government and media doing a fine job keeping quiet about the Senate Inquiry into Radioactive Waste Management Bill, while opposition mounts locally to the Northern territory nuke waste dump plan. South Australia’s Rann govt embarassed at $million cost likely from its court defeat regarding uranium protestors. Confusion in the uranium mining lobby, as prices tumble. Even more confusion about the Nuclear Security Summit plan to promote recycled uranium. Meanwhile ANSTO salivates at the thought of setting up a lucrative nuclear waste management business, and ANSTO’s baby, Silex promotes its dangerous laser nuclear technology.

International: Some 20 countries or more join up to Nuclear security Summit plan to send their enriched uranium to USA  or to Russia, for recycling.  Anxiety over earthquake risks in this plan.  Much confusion over Recycling, Reprocessing, Fast Breeder Reactors, Integral Fast Reactors.  Nuclear lobby gears up, with AREVA promoting its products at Nuclear Security Summit.  More nuclear power promotion for upcoming Non-Proliferation talks. India grappling with problem of nuclear insurance, and of a dramatic radiation exposure incident

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Australia is complicit in Japan stockpiling plutonium

a problem succinctly explained back in 1982 by current South Australian Premier Mike Rann: “Again and again it has been demonstrated here and overseas that when problems over safeguards prove difficult, commercial considerations will come first.”.…The Rudd Government needs to break this habit and establish an independent inquiry to identify measures to tighten the safeguards system.

The Myth Of The Peaceful Atom,, By Jim Green, 20 April 2010, “…………Last December, the International Commission on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (ICNND), co-chaired by Australian Gareth Evans and Yoriko Kawaguchi from Japan, released its first report.

Like other bodies ICNND chooses to skim over the proliferation risks arising from the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel — Continue reading

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Queen Noor of Jordan, and “Countdown to Zero”

“I am one of a million for whom Islam and Western cultures are not incompatible,” she said, reminding the nearly filled auditorium that she is Muslim…Her Majesty says nuclear weapons have no place in a world striving to achieve international security. Rather terror can be their only purpose.

Queen Noor On Nukes, THE HUFFINGTON POST, April 19, 2010, Cross-Cultural Understanding, at CU Boulder “……..Queen Noor al Hussein of Jordan is the founder of Global Zero, a worldwide movement that seeks to eliminate both actual and potential stockpiles of nuclear weapons across the globe by year 2030. Continue reading

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