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No credibility in Labor or Liberal’s Climate Non Policies

Gillard’s announcement should be measured against the Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan released last week by green group Beyond Zero Emissions and the University of Melbourne’s Energy Research Institute.

Zero carbon plan better idea than zero credibility, Sydney Morning Herald, PADDY MANNING.July 24, 2010 “……….Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s exercise in small-target politics in Brisbane yesterday confirmed both major parties are missing in action on climate this election. Continue reading

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Here comes the sun – decentralised solar energy bill passed in USA

(USA) Here comes the sun, Beyond Nuclear 24 July 2010, The Senate Energy Committee yesterday approved Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) 10 million solar roofs bill (S. 3460). This bill would provide tax credits and other incentives to encourage people to install solar power on 10 million rooftops across the U.S. It would ramp up mass production of solar panels and thus likely reduce their cost. It’s an easy bill to support. Here is an article that describes the bill.

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USA’s 10 Million Solar Rooftops Act

a homeowner who decides to install a 5-kilowatt solar system which, depending on location, would produce enough electricity to cover most, if not all, of an average electric bill (the solar panels would produce excess power during the day that can be sold back to the utility, covering some or all of the cost of electricity when the sun is not shining).

Here Comes the Sun: Ten Million Solar Rooftops, Renewable Energy World, by Greg Chafee July 21, 2010 Continue reading

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Greens MP Mark Parnell will continue fight against uranium mining in Arkaroola

Greens MLC Mark Parnell’s proposal to declare the wilderness sanctuary off-limits for miners.

Arkaroola mining debate delayed, The Independent Weekly, SUZIE KEEN24 Jul, 2010 A parliamentary showdown over mining at Arkaroola in the Flinders Ranges will be delayed until September. Continue reading

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US Senate rejects 2 Bills about nuclear loans

The House will almost certainly have to accept the Senate version; those loans are now history.


SENATE DROPS NUKE-LARDED CLIMATE BILL AND SENATE COMMITTEE CUTS HOUSE COMMITTEE’S NUKE LOAN PROGRAM, Beyond Nuclear 24 July 2010,  First, the Senate last night rejected the House-passed emergency supplemental funding bill by a 51-46 vote.* This is the bill that included $9 Billion in “emergency” loans for new nuclear reactor construction. Continue reading

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BHP- cutting staff, new Environmental Impact Statement on OLympic Dam uranium mine expansion

The decision is understood to affect about 150 staff…..BHP is preparing a supplementary environmental impact statement in response to public consultation on its draft EIS for the Olympic Dam expansion.

BHP to move white-collar jobs interstate and overseas Gavin Lower .  The Australian July 23, 2010 Continue reading

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France investigating hereditary effects of nuclear plants’ radiation emissions

French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN)  wants new investigation into hereditary effects from tritium exposure, better monitoring and more restriction of tritium releases from nuclear facilities.

Tritium – Government nuclear authority admits tritium health risks could be underestimated, Beyond Nuclear, 24 July 2010, Continue reading

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Australia’s Nuclear Reactor Agency cutting staff, reducing costs

there will be reductions in fixed costs and around 80 staff of ANSTO’s workforce of 1,009.”

Nuclear body ANSTO to cut 80 staff, cheap nike air, by selena on July 23rd, 2010 Continue reading

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Report from UK Uranium Weapons Network

UWN is campaigning for the UK government to adopt a precautionary approach to the use of DU in conventional weaponry and for greater transparency over where DU has been used

Latest documents advocating the ban of depleted uranium. By Jerry Mazza, Online Journal, 23 July 2010, “…… recent documents gathered from reliable government and non-government sources. ………According to the UK Uranium Weapons Network, now submitting its evidence to the Iraq War Inquiry, “The UK Uranium Weapons Network (UWN) announced today that it has submitted its report on British military use of depleted uranium (DU) ammunition in the 2003 Iraq War to the Chilcot Inquiry. Continue reading

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