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Australia’s Hiroshima Day TV message

A television commercial featuring atomic bomb survivors at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park appealing for the abolition of nuclear weapons will be broadcast in Australia on Friday, the 65th anniversary of the atomic bombing.

Ban, Okada confirm effort to eradicate nukes,The Japan Times Online, Aug. 4, 2010, By MASAMI ITOS U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon confirmed Tuesday with Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada that Japan and the world body will aim for the abolition of nuclear weapons…. Continue reading

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Western Australian govt prepared to compulsorily acquire Aboriginal land

WA still prepared to acquire LNG site, Sydney Morning Herald, August 4, 2010 The threat of compulsory acquisition continues to loom over the site of a proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) hub in far north Western Australia, Premier Colin Barnett says. Continue reading

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Toshiba seeking taxpayer money, despite its CT scans radiation overdoses

one of the companies seeking the aid for a project in Texas is currently under federal investigation for its role in the radiation overdoses of patients who received CT scans on its equipment…..Given the information emerging about Toshiba’s safety record, is that a risk U.S. taxpayers want to take?

(USA) Company seeking nuclear subsidies under investigation for radiation overdoses to stroke patients, FACING SOUTH, , By Sue SturgisAugust 4, 2010 The U.S. Senate could vote as soon as next month on a proposal to give $9 billion in taxpayer-backed loan guarantees to companies planning to build new nuclear reactors – Continue reading

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Muckaty nuclear dump – a foot in the door for international wastes

Senator Brown says it is only a matter of time before Australia’s first nuclear waste dump stores high level waste from overseas.

“Wait for it, it will become high level further down the line as the waste problem for China, for the US, for the USSR ,as it used to be, Russia, for Europe, for Taiwan.

Store nuclear waste at source, not in NT: Brown,  ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) By Jane Bardon, 4 August 2010, “….After launching the Greens campaign in the Territory, Greens leader Senator Bob Brown has called for nuclear waste to be stored where it is produced, such as Lucas Heights in Sydney. Continue reading

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How the USA Hollywoodised the bombing of Hiroshima

The Hollywoodization of the bomb had begun. Even in minor details, the film now justified the bombing…….. the White House demanded further changes; among them, deleting a reference to morally concerned scientists who favored demonstrating the bomb for Japanese leaders in a remote area before dropping it on a city……

WHITE HOUSE COVER-UP: How Truman Edited Hollywood’s First Movie About the Atomic Bomb,  The Nation, Greg Mitchell and Robert Jay Lifton, 4 August 2010,  “……Here’s a close-up look at the “coverup”–led by the Truman White House–of the first “Hiroshima movie,”  some of it based on material we were first to discover at the Truman Library in Missouri. Continue reading

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Sickly financial results for uranium miner ERA

Energy Resources of Australia – ERA – Intelligent Investor 2 Aug 10  By Gaurav Sodhi Sickly uranium prices and an unusually poor operating performance at the Ranger uranium mine contributed to a dramatic fall in Energy Resources of Australia’s (ERA) half year profits. For the half year ended July 2010, ERA made just $22.7m, compared with $176.1m for the same period last year. Energy Resources of Australia – ERA – Intelligent Investor

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Maralinga Aboriginal victims call on Australian govts for help

“When you’ve got families that lose their sight or they’ve got crippling and terminal cancers because of these tests, you know you’ve got fundamental problems,” he said.

“We can’t continue to only give access to justice for non-Aboriginal people.”

Indigenous group still fighting for Maralinga compo, ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) 3 August 2010, The Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement says it needs $500,000 to continue its fight for compensation for Aboriginal people affected by British nuclear tests at Maralinga in the 1950s and 1960s. Continue reading

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The cry of a bereaved Hiroshima father

“I wanted to pass on the fact that the atomic bombing does not end only with the sufferings of the generation of people who were directly exposed.”

Hibakusha writes to his dead child, BY HAJIMU TAKEDA THE ASAHI SHIMBUN, 3 Aug 2010, An 81-year-old survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima has written a letter addressed to his stillborn daughter, expressing his anguish at the possibility that his exposure to radiation was responsible for her fate. Continue reading

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Solar feed in tariff for Western Australia

The scheme, which will run for 10 years, is available for new and existing solar power systems, wind and micro-hydro systems that are owned by the resident, including those at rental properties that have tenants.

Western Australia Launches Solar Feed In Tariff And Wind Farm : Renewable Energy News, 4 August 2010, Energy Minister Peter Collier announced on Monday the official start of Western Australia’s residential net feed-in tariff. Continue reading

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Greens garnering electoral support against nuclear waste dump

“If people vote for the Greens, they will have a voice against a nuclear waste dump, and a very rigorous one at that, in the national Parliament,” Senator Brown said.

Greens leading the Nats, says Brown, The Age, LINDSAY MURDOCH, August 4, 2010 BOB Brown flew to the marginal Top End seat of Solomon yesterday claiming the Greens vote is rapidly increasing across regional Australia and is now “way ahead of the National Party” Continue reading

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Radioactive wastes could truck through Riverina, NSW

“We’re talking about literally hundreds and over time thousands of trucks of radioactive waste passing through these transport corridor communities.”

Residents warned of radioactive transport corridor, ABC Riverina NSW – Australian Broadcasting Corporation  August 3, 2010 The group Friends of the Earth has warned that the city of Wagga Wagga could be affected by Commonwealth plans to move nuclear waste from Lucas Heights to a new dump in the Northern Territory. Continue reading

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A “dirty bomb’ could be made from medical radioactive isotopes

since cesium can be stolen from a hospital and thus can be more easily acquired than, say, uranium or plutonium, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine a terrorist group acquiring enough cesium to construct a barrage of low-explosive, highly radioactive bombs and blanketing a major city with them.

The Real Deal With Cesium,THE HUFFINGTON POST, Rizwan Ladha, 2 Aug 2010, The idea has been floated for a long time of using cesium in a radioactive “dirty bomb,” which wouldn’t have the same explosive power as a uranium or plutonium nuclear bomb but would contaminate land, water supplies and living organisms, including people. Continue reading

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