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Australian govt in the grip of uranium industry

Mining tax policy overseers – Don Argus (from BHP Billiton),  Keith Spence, (from Rio Tinto)  , Toro Energy  Erica Smyth, (from Toro Energy).

Climate adviser – Marius Kloppers (BHP Billiton)

Minister for Energy Martin Ferguson – hand in glove with uranium industry

Minister for Climate Change – Greg Combet, coal engineer background, supporter of coal industry

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Marius Kloppers – Australia’s new Climate Change Minister?

described Kloppers as the climate change minister who wasn’t voted in by the public.

Kloppers under fire, The Age, September 22, 2010 AN ONLINE entrepreneur has accused the federal government of kowtowing to the boss of Australia’s biggest company. Continue reading

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Uranium mining advocates oversee Australia’s tax policy

The high-ranking group, headed up by Resources Minister Martin Ferguson and former BHP chairman Don Argus, will consult with industry groups and hopes to have at least a couple of key issues resolved by the end of the year…..

Mining chiefs to advise minister on mineral resources tax | The Australian September 20, 2010 THE policy transition group overseeing the government’s mineral resources rent tax has met for the first time in Canberra today. Continue reading

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Martin Ferguson – Australia’s Minister For the Uranium Industry?

Labor to expand uranium mining: report Business Spectator, 22 Sep 2010 The federal government will support uranium mining but not nuclear power, Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson told The Australian Financial Review. Mr Ferguson said he aims to oversee a large expansion of the uranium industry…..The stance threatens to create divisions in parliament. Recently the Green Party said it would use its power to try to stop planned uranium mines, phase out three existing mines and halt exports……Labor to expand uranium mining: report | News | Business Spectator

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Huge Berlin anti nuclear protest attracts German youth

thousands of young people joined in as well, along with many middle-of-the road Germans who had never been at a protest before….the protest is a strong signal that a broad spectrum of Germans is opposed to extending nuclear lifetimes,

Most Germans Don’t Want Nuclear Power’ – SPIEGEL ONLINE , 20 Sept 10, Anti-nuclear campaigners demonstrating in Berlin on Saturday sent a powerful message of opposition to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s plan to extend the lifetimes of German reactors. Media commentators say she would be unwise to ignore it, because her own supporters don’t want nuclear power either. Continue reading

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Be wary on Silex nuclear company’s solar credentials

I see Silex in the news, below, as a contender for building Victoria’s solar plant. I don’t know if they are connected to TRUenergy. Silex makes the controversial, rather dangerous laser technology for uranium enrichment.

Australian uranium enrichment group Silex Systems’ subsidiary, SilexSolar, spotted the bargain and managed to purchase the plant from BP Solar in 2009

RBS Morgans analyst Scott Power says solar accounts for less than 10 per cent of the firm’s Silex valuation. – Christina Macpherson 22 Sept 10

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Victoria might get giant solar energy park

The TRUenergy plant is the second large-scale solar proposal for Victoria’s north-west. Sydney company Silex took over a proposal to build a 154-megawatt plant after the original developers, Solar Systems, went into administration last year.

Mallee solar park a reality if federal funding approved, The Age, Adam Morton, September 22, 2010 THE Victorian government has promised a new large-scale solar power plant will be built near Mildura – assuming the project also receives federal backing. Continue reading

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USA, Eu – nuclear industry stalling due to wastes problem

On Wednesday last week, Greenpeace launched a broadside against the European repository plans, arguing that leaders were being misled over safety issues – particularly relating to groundwater contamination. It appears the repository battle is about to go nuclear here, too.

President Barack Obama’s Yucca Mountain decision is a blow to US nuclear power- Telegraph UK, By Garry White 20 Sep 2010, Continue reading

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