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Nuclear power an election issue in Australia

“A key example concerns the National Radioactive Waste Management Bill 2010. This proposed law would override the Aboriginal Heritage Act, the Aboriginal Land Rights Act, and all state/territory legislation. It would also curtail procedural fairness and appeal rights.

The Government’s draft legislation is directly at odds with Labor policy

Dr Bill Williams, and Dr Jim Green 31 July 2010, “This federal election campaign has been short of policy detail so far – “Our analysis reveals a long list of broken promises by the Labor government. Continue reading

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Australian doctors explain medical radiation

Fact sheet: Nuclear medicine, Medical Association for Prevention of War (MAPW) July 2010. 29/07/2010 This MAPW fact sheet describes how nuclear medicine is used for diagnosis and radiotherapy treatment. It explains what is NOT nuclear medicine (eg x-rays and CT scans).

It summarises the dangers of ionising radiation. It debunks two myths: that Australia needs a nuclear reactor to produce radioisotopes (materials for nuclear medicine); and that we need a radioactive waste dump for its waste.

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The nuclear fuel cycle and Climate Change

“When the Dust Settles” can now be viewed on You Tube

A final word on climate change | Coober Pedy Regional Times July 17, 2010 The ETU does not accept the argument that nuclear energy is an answer to the harmful impact on the world’s climate of burning fossil fuels.

Mr Simpson said you do not solve one problem by creating another, more dangerous one.

“How can anyone credibly argue that the answer to global warming or atmospheric pollution is to significantly increase the risk of people getting cancer or them giving birth to deformed babies? Continue reading

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Free DVD on uranium mining danger to Australia’s workers

“When the dust settles” – a David Bradbury film If anyone wants a free copy of the dvd, all they have to do  is send  $5 bucks (postage costs) in an envelope to
PO Box 1250 Mullumbimby
NSW 2482 for a copy.
Or they they can go online and check it out for free (less quality) on youtube

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