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Just a step to the Right – Australia’s new govt on environment

It’s a bit of a worry. No Education Ministry for Australia -( it’s as if education is just about training kids for jobs – not about an informed, creative minded society in all age groups). As for Environment, – tucked away in a new portfolio (Sustainable Population, Communities, Environment and Water) under Tony Burke.  He could be good – we don’t yet know.

Meanwhile, higher in the Ministerial food chain, are Martin Ferguson, Minister for Resources and Energy and  Greg Combet, Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. Combet was a coal engineer, degrees in mining engineering and economics.

Lurking in the wings, Bill Shorten, Assistant Treasurer, Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation,  a leader of the putsch that elevated Julia Gillard, and an ardent pro-nuclear advocate. – Christina Macpherson

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Greens bring anti-nuclear muscle to Canberra

the Greens’ strong election result – and its Senate balance-of-power role from next July – had strengthened its push to ban uranium mining and stop a nuclear power industry emerging in Australia.

Greens fight Labor on uranium  Andrew Burrell and Sid Maher  The Australian  September 14, 2010 THE Greens have threatened to use their historic alliance with Labor to stop billions of dollars of planned uranium projects from securing government approval…

Greens nuclear spokesman Scott Ludlam told The Australian his party would use its new-found leverage to attempt to stop all new uranium mines, including those planned in the next few years by BHP Billiton and Canadian giant Cameco. Continue reading

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Greg Combet, Australia’s new Climate Minister keen on coal

how we can achieve in the longer term things like carbon capture and storage for coal-fired power stations.”

New Australia climate minister backs coal –     Sept 13 (Reuters) – Australia’s new climate change minister, Greg Combet, believes the country’s coal sector has a future under government policies, .. Continue reading

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USA – no new nukes, and crumbling old ones,

Because atomic energy can’t compete with natural gas or renewables and efficiency, Exelon has withdrawn its application to build two reactors in Victoria County, Texas.

Is the “Nuclear Renaissance” Dead Yet?, HUFFINGTON POST, Harvey Wasserman: 13 Sept 2010, America’s much hyped “reactor renaissance” is facing a quadruple bypass. In actual new construction, proposed projects and overseas sales, soaring costs are killing new nukes. And the old ones are leaking like Dark Age relics on the brink of disaster. Continue reading

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Australian Capital Territory leads the way on solar feed-in tariffs

“This is the most progressive policy reform for renewable energy in Australia, from any state or territory government,”

ACT ‘has got it right’ on solar, ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), By Julie Doyle and Jessica Nairn 14 Sept 10, The solar industry says the ACT is the first jurisdiction to put forward such a comprehensive plan.: Simon Corbell speaks with 666 presenter Louise Maher (ABC Canberra) The solar energy industry has welcomed the ACT Government’s decision to dramatically expand the solar feed-in tariff scheme. Continue reading

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Moscow’s nuclear radiation scandal

no fewer than 18 dangerous radioactive objects within the capital.And they can be found in heavily built-up areas like Kuzminki,…..In Moscow… the map of the radioactive dumps has not been made and all the more so published. People just do not know whether any nuclear waste is nearby and what the level of radiation on the surface is.

Radiation scare for Moscow parks  | The Moscow News, – Evgeniya Chaykovskaya – 13 Sept 10, Levels of radiation on Moscow’s streets have reached a level so high that the authorities are about to spend 4.7 billion roubles to get rid of it. Continue reading

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Western Australian Aboriginals to Canberra to stop compulsory acquistion of their land

compulsory acquisition ……, is about taking away Aboriginal people’s Native Title rights and interest in a piece of land for the purpose of a big mining company making loads, lots and lots of money.

Indigenous leaders take land grab complaint to Canberra Radio Australia, September 14, 2010 The Kimberley Land Council has taken its campaign against the James Price liquified natural gas project in Western Australia to Canberra.

Two weeks ago the Western Australian government began a compulsory acquisition process for land in the Kimberley region in the north-west of the state. Continue reading

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Racism in Australia- Northern Territory Intervention, Western Australian land grab

events that revealed the level of racism in Australia: the compulsory acquisition of Aboriginal land for mining in WA; the ongoing NT intervention

NT intervention ‘a big lie’ , Green Left, September 11, 2010,By Peter Robson, Jeff McMullen , 14 Sept 10, Journalist Jeff McMullen used his speech at the September 8 Building Bridges forum at Parramatta Town Hall to condemn ongoing government support for the NT intervention. Continue reading

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Cancer causing effects of ionising radiation

The Bystander Effect  may be more damaging in the longer term than direct radiation exposure.

Emerging role of radiation induced bystander effects:Cell communications and carcinogenesis, 7th Space.3 Sept 10, Rajamanickam Baskar, Ionizing radiation is an invaluable diagnostic and treatment tool used in various clinical applications. On the other hand, radiation is a known cytotoxic with a potential DNA damaging and carcinogenic effects. Continue reading

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