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Australia’s forgotten soldiers, victims of Maralinga atomic bomb testing

he was required to sign the official secrets act when returning from Maralinga, which prevented him from talking about the site for 30 years.

McGee’s lost men forgotten in fallout , Adelaide Now, Bryan Littlely, April 24, 2010 FRANK McGee is looking for the lost men of Maralinga, but fears most of his lads have died without recognition for the work they did cleaning up our nuclear disgrace

  • The former Royal Air Force Flight Lieutenant commanded a party of 35 airmen whose task it was to collect, bury and salvage items from the Maralinga atomic test sites over two years from 1966. Continue reading

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Blacks and Whites gather together against Muckaty Nuclear Waste Dump Plan

Alyawarr, Anungu (APY lands) Warlpiri, Anmatjirra, Arrente, Warramungu, NSW Land Council people – we are now joining together to make a stand at Uluru and will be calling on our Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal friends, unions and churches to stand with us.

Time to make a stand, Tennant & District Times 12 March 2010, – RICHARD DOWNS, SPOKESPERSON FOR THE ALYAWARR WALK-OFF CAMP. Last week Richard Downs, spokesperson for the Alyawarr Walk Off Camp, wrote to the Northern Land Council Chairman, Kim Hill, regarding the consultation process which eventuated in the nomination of Muckaty Station as the site for a nuclear dump. This is what he wrote: Continue reading

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Review- Australia:nuke waste dump, USA states’ opposition to nuclear industry

Australia: Nuke waste dump for aboriginal land, but opposition is growing.. S.A. govt to subsidise BHP’s Olympic Dam uranium mine, Rudd govt improves (we hope) Renewable Energy legislation.

International: While Obama rewards his corporate backers with $8 billion in  nuclear loan guarantees, legislatures in 3 states knock back nuclear power- Vermont to close nuke reactor, West Virginia to retain no new nukes policy, Arizona refuses to include nuclear as “renewable”. Bloody political coup in Niger welcomed by uranium industry.

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South Australian families join class action over Maralinga radiation

Secrecy surrounding the disturbing rate of baby deaths and research suggesting fallout from tests blanketed the town despite being more than 600km from the Maralinga testing sites, warrants those families investigating claims as part of the class act,

100 South Australians join class action against Britain for Maralinga-related deaths Adelaide Now, BRYAN LITTLELY INVESTIGATIONS EDITOR, From: The Advertiser, March 01, 2010, SECRET records detailing the fate of dozens of babies born in the shadow of Maralinga’s nuclear testing hold the key to a case building as the state’s largest class action Continue reading

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Maralinga Victims: Aboriginal Class Action Proceeding

Aboriginal Victims to Sue British over nuclear tests February 21, 2010 PodOmatic | Podcast – 2SER’s Razors Edge Five aboriginal people affected by nuclear tests at Emu Field in 1953 have begun legal proceedings in the UK Continue reading

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Review: Renewables, USA, Areva’s deals

Review: Australia: Practical renewable energy plan suggested, while govt pursues ETS policy. AREVA buys up solar company. Govt ignores calls for compensation for Maralinga vets. Ranger uranium mine still leaking radioactivity.

International: Obama about to announce loans to nuclear industry, while Wall St. avoiding the nuclear financial bottomless pit. Big antinuclear protest in UK. Germany Environment Minister firm on closing nuke plants. Areva buying up solar plants, but also joining South Korea in nuclear push – the week that has been

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Maralinga nuclear tests and the environment

areas of fused or ‘glazed’ sand are still contaminated with levels of plutonium which are of a high and dangerous level

The impact of nuclear testing on the Australian environment | Blog About All 16 Feb 2010 “………..As well as the tests at Monte Belle islands, between 1952 and 1963 the British government, with the agreement and support of Australia, carried out ‘major’ tests at two other sites on the Australian mainland at Emu Field and Maralinga in South Australia. Continue reading

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Australia’s Maralinga Nuclear Veterans dying out, while they wait for justice

Nuclear veterans want better compo deal Sydney Morning Herald MAX BLENKIN 11 Feb 2010

“Australian veterans are dying. The longer the government waits, the less of us they will end up having to compensate.”

Britain exploded seven atomic bombs in the South Australian outback in 1956-57 but continued the nuclear test program through to May 1963 with a large number of minor trials of items such as nuclear initiators. Continue reading

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Cherie Blair will represent aboriginal nuclear victims in UK court case

Cherie Blair to work on SA compensation case ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) 25 Jan 2010
The wife of the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, will represent five Aboriginies seeking compensation for ill health caused by nuclear testing in South Australia’s outback during the 1950s. Continue reading

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Maralinga atomic veterans join British class action

It is a race against time as applications have to be lodged before a legal deadline of May 2010

CLASS ACTION BY NUCLEAR VETERANS HEADED BY SYDNEY LEGAL TEAM – NO WIN NO FEE December 31, 2009 by Coober Pedy Regional Times Surviving Australian veterans of the British nuclear tests at Maralinga, Monte Bello Island and Christmas Island in the 1950s and 60s are joining British and other nuclear veterans in taking the British government to court in what could be one of the most significant compensation cases in legal history. Continue reading

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Review- Maralinga aborigines and vets, Copenhagen dud…

Review of the past week
poll shows Australian want renewable energy, not nuclear, and Australian Academy of Science agrees. Maralinga veterans join British vets’ legal action. Aboriginal victims’ health ignored, too, while Maralinga land returned to them. Climate sceptics continue to get media coverage, and John Howard joins Ziggy Sinowski in nuclear push.

International: China- France nuclear deal despite China’s bad record for secrecy and poor safety. Copenhagen a dud, but strong popular movement for action. Russia plans nukes in space. France’s nuclear electricity coping poorly in extreme weather. South African antinuke movement. Renewables going ahead in Scotland, and Taiwan.

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Maralinga aboriginal land still contaminated by radioacticity

Tjarutja people ‘at risk’ from contaminated land ABC News 11 Nov 09

A South Australian ex-serviceman who was exposed to radiation during the Maralinga atomic tests in the 1950s and 60s says land should not be handed over to the traditional owners until a contaminated area is cleaned up or fenced off. Continue reading

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Review: Uranium and nuclear skulduggery

a-cat-CANAustralia: – Corrupt dealings over Marathon’s uranium exploration.  Telstra closes down nuclear veterans’ website – under govt pressure? The case against the govt’s plans for radioactive waste dumping in NT – is taken internationally. mainstream media wrongly portrays Peter Beatties as pro-nuclear. A High Court ruling further limits aborigines’ land rights

International:  Nuclear lobby aims to take over US Climate Bill. Revelations of France and Germany’s unsafe radioacttive waste dumping in Siberia. AREVA’s half-built nuclear reactors in Finland and France are plagued with problems, lawsuits, and ever-escalating costs. French govt not likley to compensate Polynesian nuclear bomb test victims. – the week that has been

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British nuclear bomb tests in Australia

Maralinga Our Own Shame – UK Nuclear Bomb Tests in Australia   – Care2 News Network (UK) by David Buchan 19 Oct 09 Britain actively used Australian soil and people to conduct it’s nuclear testing program during the 1950s and 1960s. Continue reading

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Maralinga atomic testing :The Anangu Story

Maralinga: The Anangu Story 50 years ago secret atomic tests were carried out on Australian soil at a place called “Maralinga” in north–western South Australia. Continue reading

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