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A legal setback, but British nuclear veterans will fight on

“I’m convinced that if we took this to the European Court of Human Rights, we would win our case…..We are fighting for justice – not money.

A-bomb vets vow to continue fight  Shields Gazette, John Taylor witnessed atomic tests in 1957.  23 November 2010 By Terry Kelly DISAPPOINTED nuclear test veterans in South Tyneside are set to fight on for justice Continue reading

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Australian soldiers exposed to depleted uranium at Maralinga

An Australian royal commission first discovered the use of depleted uranium in atomic tests at Maralinga some 14 years ago, but the government failed to take any action at the time.

Depleted uranium used at Maralinga, Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog, 23 Nov 10, Australian Government Confirms Depleted Uranium Used in 1950s The Australian Federal Government announced that it will conduct a health study of Australian volunteers who worked at Maralinga, a British nuclear test site. Continue reading

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Wave energy for South Australia

Wave power could roll in to South Australia’s west, ABC Rural News, 23/11/2010 Waves on the west coast of South Australia could soon be powering up towns in the region.Renewable energy technology company, Wave Rider Energy, will set up a pilot plant in the waters near Elliston.
The plant will turn the waves kinetic energy into mechanical energy, with a potential 250 kilowatts of power available………Wave power could roll in to South Australia’s west

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Opposition to WA govt’s compulsory grab of Aboriginal land

the government is trying to compulsorily acquire Aboriginal land. Traditional owners, some of who had previously been prepared to support the project, are now united in opposition. Many unions, including the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, are supporting them.

Stop the Kimberley land grab: renewables not gas, Green Left Weekly, November 21, 2010By Alex Bainbridge, Perth Woodside and the Western Australian government’s push to build a massive gas-processing plant at James Price Point will be a key battle in a broader campaign to protect the cultural and environmental heritage of the Kimberley region in WA. Continue reading

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Australian Aboriginal owners petition against nuclear waste dump

Dianne Stokes, a traditional owner from the area, says community members, along with the Australian Conservation Foundation, have delivered a petition with more than 2,000 signatures to federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson.

Traditional owners petition against nuclear dump ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), Nov 19, 2010 2 Traditional owners say they are ramping up their fight against a nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory. Continue reading

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Nuclear waste group’s expensive spin to indigenous people

The money comes from the Nuclear Waste Management Organization, the group created by Canada’s nuclear electricity industry to find a new home for nuclear fuel waste.

(Canada) Nuclear group gives First Nations $1M for meetings, November 18, 2010  CBC News The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations has been given $1 million to hold information sessions on nuclear waste storage, but environmentalists are leery about the idea. Continue reading

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Australians who refuse airport radiation scanning will be denied boarding plane

instead of ordering persons who refused body scanning to submit to a hands on experience, the Australian way will be to deny boarding to the passenger, who will be told to leave the terminal…..

Official: No sexual feelings at Australian airports – Crikey – Plane Talking, 19 Nov 10, “A spokesperson for the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Anthony Albanese, confirmed that Australia would not go down the same path as the US Transportation Security Administration, Continue reading

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Northern Territory govt explains its opposition to Alice Springs uranium mine

“We’re 20 kilometres from Alice Springs in an arid environment and an environment well known for dust storms,” he said.

“I think it’s enough evidence for us to oppose it…the reasons behind our opposition to establish a mine so close to Alice Springs

Vatskalis defends Alice uranium mine opposition ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation),  Nov 18, 2010 The Northern Territory Resources Minister says a decision to oppose any application to mine for uranium at a site near Alice Springs was not just based on public opinion. Continue reading

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Huge seabed area radioactive 60 years after nuclear reactor closed

The discovery of the contamination on the seabed in 1997 led to a ban on fishing in waters within two kilometres of the plant…..An area equivalent in size to 22 football pitches is being cleaned.

(Scotland) Dounreay: Investigation uncovers worst radiation hotspot ever Radioactive particles located during the latest search of the seabed off Dounreay. STV News, 18 November 2010 An investigation into the seabed off the Dounreay nuclear plant has uncovered the most dangerous radioactive hotspot yet found. Continue reading

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Skin cancer danger from airport radiation scanning

“While the dose would be safe if it were distributed throughout the volume of the entire body, the dose to the skin may be dangerously high,”

Airport scanners may pose risk to skin Kelly Brewington, Meredith Cohn and Andrea K. Walker –, 18 Nov 10, The new body scanners at U.S. airports are getting a lot of attention for how much they show of the human body, but doctors are saying there’s another problem: The radiation ticks up the chance of developing skin cancer. Continue reading

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Push in US Congress to sell nuclear power to Australia

The deal would allow for the United States to export nuclear technology, material and equipment to Australia for atomic power generation

Legislation Would Protect U.S.-Australia Atomic Trade Deal, NTI: Global Security Newswire , Nov. 18, 2010 Recently introduced U.S. legislation would ensure that a civilian nuclear trade agreement with Australia would still enter into force even if its time runs out in Congress, Continue reading

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Victorian Greens will promote transition from coal to renewable energy

Renewable energy has become a hot topic in the lead up to Victoria’s November 27 election, with the Clean Energy Council of Australia predicting a $9 billion cash windfall for the state from renewable energy projects.

Greens Pledge To Divert Millions From Coal Into Renewable Energy, Renewable Energy News : by Energy Matters, 19 Nov 10, The Victorian Greens say they will redirect $150 million away from a proposed coal-fired power station in the Latrobe Valley and put the money into renewable energy projects instead. Continue reading

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Hanford’s radioactivity now in rabbits, mice?

Radioactive mouse hunt at Hanford, Seattle Times Newspaper, 18 Nov 10, After catching a radioactive rabbit on the Hanford nuclear reservation, cleanup workers are now hunting for a radioactive mouse.The Associated Press RICHLAND, Wash. —After catching a radioactive rabbit on the Hanford nuclear reservation, cleanup workers are now hunting for a radioactive mouse.The Tri-City Herald reports radioactive mouse droppings have been found in the same area where the radioactive rabbit droppings were found earlier this month north of Richland.….Local News | Radioactive mouse hunt at Hanford | Seattle Times Newspaper

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Renewable energy for base load power and more jobs

“It is a myth that renewable energy can’t produce a reliable base load.”……. According to the report,replacing the fossil fuel energy industry in Northern NSW and Queensland with renewables would create 40,000 jobs – twice the number employed now by the energy sector.

Renewable energy plans encouraged,  Northern Star, 17th November 2010 … ADOPTING renewable energy would not only create more jobs than the current fossil-burning sector, but also provide a base load that could power the country, Continue reading

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Port Hope residents urged to sue govt over radioactive wastes

Atomic Energy Canada Ltd. has begun a 10-year, $260-million project to dig up 1.2 million cubic metres of low-level radioactive waste buried in numerous sites around town and store it in a huge covered mound.

Sue government over toxic town, activist tells Port Hope –, 17 Nov 10 “…………. Radium is leaking into Lake Ontario and uranium from the Cameco refineryPort Hope’s air, drinking water, fish, beach, soil — virtually everything in the town of 16,000 poses a health risk from radioactivity, anti-nuclear activist Dr. Helen Caldicott warned an overflow crowd Tuesday night. Continue reading

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