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The plot thickens in promotion of Olympic Dam Uranium Mine

Last month the Australian government set up a Mines Tax policy team. It is led by Don Argus, former chairman of uranium miner BHP Billiton. Other members are former uranium company Rio Tinto executive David Klingner, Erica Smyth, chairman of uranium explorer Toro Energy.

So, Australia’s mining tax policy is guided by uranium mining representatives.

And now, in a bold statement in facvour of a carbon tax, BHP Billiton’s Chief Executice officer Marius Kloppers sets the scene for BHP to increase its influence over Australia’s government.

It all sounds so good. But note that, in supporting action on Climate change, Kloppers promotes “alternative” energies to take over from coal.

I’ll bet that “alternative” will turn out to be one of those words like “renewable” and “clean” that are applied to nuclear power. And all in such good timing, as BHP Billiton is desperate to get its Olympic Dam uranium mine expansion happening.

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BHP’s Marius Kloppers accused of having “nuclear agenda”

Business Spectator, Sept 16 10, “……Liberal senator Cory Bernardi said Mr Kloppers was speaking out of self-interest because BHP Billiton was keen to pursue a nuclear agenda.”In sharemarket parlance, people talk up their own book and that’s what Mr Kloppers is doing,” he told Sky News, adding the resources giant’s chief executive officer was pushing alternative sources of energy such as uranium. Greens welcome Kloppers’ remarks | News | Business Spectator

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BHP Billiton’s Marius Kloppers puts the case for carbon price

He noted that up to 90 percent of carbon emissions contributed by the countries electricity sector were largely caused by coal fired power stations across Australia as he asserted that we “will need to look beyond just coal towards the full spectrum of available energy solutions.”

BHP chief urges nation to look for alternatives in light of carbon price concerns – International Business Times, By Yumi Roxas | September 16, 2010 BHP chief urges nation to look for alternatives in light of carbon price concerns…… Continue reading

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Australian Greens support BHP chief’s carbon price statement

Senator Brown said the businessman’s remarks legitimised the federal government’s promised climate change committee of MPs and experts that will work towards pricing carbon.

Greens welcome Kloppers’ remarks   Business Spectator,   16 Sep 2010 BHP Billiton Ltd chief executive Marius Kloppers’ support for a carbon price is music to the ears of Australian Greens leader Bob Brown. Continue reading

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BHP Billiton chief’s agenda in Climate Change statements

Reading between Kloppers’ lines, Sydney Morning Herald, ELIZABETH KNIGHT, September 16, 2010 BHP Billiton’s Marius Kloppers is engaged in the mother of all juggling acts. He is attempting to keep the Rio Tinto iron ore joint venture ball up in the air while competition regulators around the world are tying one hand behind his back.He is also desperately trying to appease shareholders who are unconvinced about the strategy behind BHP’s $42.8 billion purchase of Potash Corp…….

He made it clear enough that BHP Billiton was looking to have a say in what kind of scheme the government could be considering before any decisions were made. Reading between Kloppers’ lines

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Greens bring anti-nuclear muscle to Canberra

the Greens’ strong election result – and its Senate balance-of-power role from next July – had strengthened its push to ban uranium mining and stop a nuclear power industry emerging in Australia.

Greens fight Labor on uranium  Andrew Burrell and Sid Maher  The Australian  September 14, 2010 THE Greens have threatened to use their historic alliance with Labor to stop billions of dollars of planned uranium projects from securing government approval…

Greens nuclear spokesman Scott Ludlam told The Australian his party would use its new-found leverage to attempt to stop all new uranium mines, including those planned in the next few years by BHP Billiton and Canadian giant Cameco. Continue reading

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Cameco, BHP, Toro, planning uranium transport through Kalgoorlie and South Australia

Cameco may join with BHP Billiton and others…From there, the product may be sent by train to a port in South Australia,

Cameco May Work With BHP, Toro for Uranium Transport Hub in West Australia,  Bloomberg, By James Paton – Sep 10, 2010 Cameco Corp. said it seeks to cooperate with companies including BHP Billiton Ltd. and Toro Energy Ltd. on transporting uranium oxide, potentially through a hub near Kalgoorlie in Western Australia…… Continue reading

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BHP, Rio Tinto, Paladin want uranium sales to Russia, and no mining tax

The Australian Uranium Association says one of the first tests of Labor’s continuing support for the industry will be whether it goes ahead with uranium sales to Russia,…..also sought reassurances from the new Gillard government that her proposed 30 percent tax on iron ore and coal mines will not be extended to the uranium industry.

Australia uranium industry concerned over new govt  Sep 9, 2010  SYDNEY, Sept 9 (Reuters) by Mark Bendeich Continue reading

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Australia’s”ethical” investments not always ethical when it comes to uranium

what about uranium mining?…. many consider uranium mining to be one of the most unethical activities of all.

A world of opportunities, Sydney Morning Herald, David Potts. September 6, 2010 -Ethical investment is a moral minefield …..there’s a fine line between what’s ethical and what’s mainstream. Continue reading

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Australia’s Parliament reported on degrading effect of uranium mining on Aboriginal people

The1997 Australian parliament report observes: ‘(The) history of uranium mining in Australia and its impact on Aboriginal people is deplorable. Past mining in places like Rum Jungle have left areas so degraded that traditional owners are unable to use them, while mines such as Ranger (also in the Northern Territory) have been forced on traditional owners against their will.” “Even at mines such as Olympic Dam,” it adds, “…there was deep concern at the reckless degradation of sacred sites and insensitivity to their culture.”

Enough of Uranium Mining, Say Aboriginal Communities. Galdu. Resource Centre for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, August 2010, “……..For decades, uranium mining has been a touchy subject for Aboriginal people. Hundreds of Aboriginal communities were cleared out into cattle stations, towns and cities in the fifties and sixties, when Australian and British governments tested atomic weapons in the South Australian desert and off the coast of Western Australia. Continue reading

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Centre for Geomechanics to “scrutinise” Western Australia’s uranium mining

The tender was awarded to the Australian Centre for Geomechanics,…The new group comes as several resources companies including BHP Billiton and Toro Energy are vying to develop the state’s first uranium mine, which could be as early as 2013.

Experts appointed to scrutinise WA uranium , Rebecca Laws, on  Perth Now , August 23, 2010 The State Government has appointed an independent group of experts to implement a regulatory framework for WA’s emerging uranium sector. Continue reading

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Murdochracy and Lobbyocracy Australia

Major Elephant In The Room Issues Ignored In Australian Elections, By Dr Gideon Polya, 24 August, 2010
An extraordinary feature of the election campaign in Murdochcracy and Lobbyocracy Australia was the virtual absence of any discussion about the most serious issues facing Australia .

The major reasons for reasons for this are (a) Murdoch News Empire ownership of about 70% of city daily newspapers; (b) a spineless and irresponsible Australian Broadcasting Corporation (the ABC, Australia’s equivalent of the UK BBC) which adopts a “balanced “ position between extreme right wing Labor and extreme right wing Liberal-National Party Coalition; and (c) Mainstream media and bipartisan, Lib-Lab refusal to properly discuss these key Elephant in the Room issues…… major matters that were effectively not part of the national discussion in the Australian federal elections because of the ignorance and dishonesty of the Australian Mainstream media and right wing politicians. Major Elephant In The Room Issues Ignored In Australian Elections

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Only the Greens dared mention nuclear issues

Australians watched in amazement and amusement, as the media and election campaigns focused on personalities, buzz words, mantras – “going forward“real action”. If possible – anything but policies, it would seem.

Focus groups, daily opinion polls, and good old spin – these were the factors driving Australia’s ever dumber election campaigns by the major parties.

Some real policies got a mention, – seemingly in inverse relationship to their importance.

What got little mention is Global Warming, Climate Change.

What got no mention at all- the nuclear issue.

It must have come as a shock to Australia’s major political parties to realise that The Greens do have leaders of vision – Bob Brown, and Christine Milne. These leaders do have clear policies on Climate Change, uranium mining, and nuclear power.

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Abbott govt would have BHP and Rio Tinto sell uranium to India

“Key beneficiaries of a coalition election win, and subsequent push for uranium exports to India, are likely to include Rio Tinto PLC and BHP Billiton Ltd. Rio Tinto owns 68% of Energy Resources of Australia Ltd., operator of the Ranger uranium mine in Northern Territory, while BHP owns the Olympic Dam uranium mine in South Australia.

Australia’s Opposition Would Export Uranium To India If Elected, Automated Trader, By Rachel Pannett Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRESSYDNEY 11 Aug 2010,Australia’s main opposition Liberal-National coalition of center-right parties said Tuesday it will open up uranium exports to India if it wins power in the federal election on Aug. 21…….. Continue reading

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BHP, Rio – relatively small employers, with big political influence

For such an economically important industry, mining is a relatively small employer (the Australian Bureau of Statistics does not rank it in the top 10 industries by employment)….The mining industry, however, is streets ahead in being able to exercise political influence.

Follow the miners in lobbying , Mike Riddiford, The Australian, August 04, 2010“……..Between them, companies such as BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Xstrata turn over more than $100 billion a year. This enables them to mobilise huge resources to protect their interests. Continue reading

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