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Julian Assange, like Wilfred Burchett, fighting to reveal truths

Australian journalist Wilfred Burchett in the late 60s was banned from Australia….After the bombing of Japan at the end of the second world war he travelled to a site,..He observed that survivors of the blast were dying of radiation sickness…

…Assange has his rabid homicidal detractors, his vague accusers, and for a time was banned from entering Australia by the confused prime minister Julia Gillard. Both Assange and Burchett are, and were, fighting to reveal truths.

A precedent for Julian Assange’s predicament The Guardian, Bill Green 31 December 2010, Continue reading

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Martin Ferguson, Top Nuclear Salesman will lead push for nuclear power

Unlike fellow Labor party member Mr Ferguson, Ms Gillard says that in Australia, “nuclear power doesn’t stack up as an economically efficient source of power”.

Nuclear Debate On the Agenda for 2011 | Australia | Epoch Times, By Shar Adams, 22 Dec 10,“………..The Australian Labor Party (ALP) has long had a policy of caution about the nuclear industry, stating in its National Platform that uranium and the nuclear fuel cycle “present unique and unprecedented hazards and risks”.Their nuclear policy lists threats to human health, nuclear weapons manufacture and dangerous nuclear waste as major concerns. The policy will “prohibit the establishment in Australia of nuclear power plants and all other stages of the nuclear fuel cycle” Continue reading

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Wikileaks Whistleblower defends principle of free speech

“When governments stop torturing and killing people, and when corporations stop abusing the legal system, then perhaps it will be time to ask if free-speech activists are accountable.” – Julian Assange

A dream come true for WikiLeaks founder, DAILY NATION 2 Dec 10, The founder of the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks whose exclusive dossiers have captured the attention of the world is a man who seems to have achieved his dream. Continue reading

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Jim Green refutes Ziggy Spinowsky on nuclear weapons proliferation

“For eight years in the White House, every weapons-proliferation problem we dealt with was connected to a civilian reactor program. And if we ever got to the point where we wanted to use nuclear reactors to back out a lot of coal … we’d have to put them in so many places we’d run that proliferation risk right off the reasonability scale.”  – former US Vice President Al Gore……It is disingenuous for O’Neil, Switkowski and other apologists for the nuclear industry to deny the links between nuclear power and proliferation.

The myth of the peaceful atom, The Punch, by Jim Green, 6 Oct 2010, The connection between power and proliferation is the inconvenient truth of the nuclear industry. Articles in The Australian in recent weeks by Ziggy Switkowski and academic Andrew O’Neil trivialise the links between nuclear power and nuclear weapons… Continue reading

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Martin Ferguson represents uranium lobby, not Australian public

Mr Ferguson’s determination to override environmental processes had him putting investors ahead of the Australian public. “These processes catch not just risks to the environment but risks during transport, to public health, occupational health and safety, and heritage,” …

“The minister is quite brazenly telling the market these things will be shouldered aside.”

Uranium push at environment’s expense, Sydney Morning Herald,  September 22, 2010 Continue reading

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Marius Kloppers – Australia’s new Climate Change Minister?

described Kloppers as the climate change minister who wasn’t voted in by the public.

Kloppers under fire, The Age, September 22, 2010 AN ONLINE entrepreneur has accused the federal government of kowtowing to the boss of Australia’s biggest company. Continue reading

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For Australia – renewable energy -YES, Martin Ferguson -NO

one key obstacle remaining: the energy minister. Martin Ferguson is not only ideologically opposed to climate action, to most kinds of renewable energy and to talking to the Greens, but he is also not a negotiator. He should be replaced in the portfolio with a more effective player who both supports action but will also be a good negotiator.

A good chance to push renewables,  Green Left Weekly, September 18, 2010By Tim Hollo “…..This parliament can and should deliver the most exciting, ambitious renewable energy policies Australia has ever seen. The next two years may be the best opportunity for renewables we ever get, Continue reading

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BHP Billiton’s Marius Kloppers’ strategy for uranium

Bear in mind too that BHP has its foot on the world’s biggest uranium deposit, at Olympic Dam in South Australia……..Olympic Dam, currently in the planning stages for a huge expansion, was key to BHP’s strategy to limit the impact of the resources rent tax and clearly it is central to its future energy strategy.

Kloppers plays strategic card by backing a carbon tax, Sydney Morning Herald,  Ian Verrender, September 18, 2010 “……Kloppers is no fool. Quite the contrary. Softly spoken with an uncharacteristically lilting Afrikaans accent, the youthful head of BHP Billiton is a master strategist, not just when it comes to commerce and digging holes but in the not-so-gentle art of political persuasion…. Continue reading

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Aboriginal Senate candidate opposes nuclear industry

Michael Eckford (aka Anderson)  stands for the Senate on  a platform of developing a real balance between sustainable economic development and Caring for Country. He is uncompromising in his stand against the exploitation of Aboriginal people by the nuclear industry. ..Nuclear Free | Michael Eckford Euahlayi Nation

All Aboriginal agreements in relation to mining uranium in this country have not been be done with full free, prior and informed consent but rather by bribery and coercion.URANIUM MINING

  • Oppose existing uranium mines: Beverley, Roxby Downs (Olympic Dam) and Ranger.
  • Oppose new uranium mines
  • Oppose expansion of existing uranium mines
  • Oppose radioactive liquid waste dumping at Beverley and proposed in-situ leach uranium mines.
  • Oppose uranium mining at Jabiluka………………Nuclear Free | Michael Eckford Euahlayi Nation

See for the nuclear policies of the other political parties.

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Recognising an Australian anti-nuclear hero

Dr. Caldicott gives lectures and hosts a weekly radio show called If You Love This Planet, which covers issues such as global warming, nuclear weapons, nuclear power, toxic pollution, hunger and poverty, and species extinction in an hour-long, in-depth format.

Heroes of Sustainability: Dr. Helen Caldicott and The Ultimate Form of Preventive Medicine Dolphinblueinc’s Blog, 12 July 2010 “She showed me what one set-on-fire human being can do to shift the consciousness of the world.”  –Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking Continue reading

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Was nuclear salesman Paul Howes behind Julia Gillard’s rise?

(I hope this is not true – Christina Macpherson)

The Left, the Right and union heavies; Julia’s rise to the top, 24 June 2010, ”       The shocking idea that a 28-old-year-old right-wing unionist in the form of Howes can put the wheels in motion to dump the nation’s leader, even if acting as cover for Rudd-rival Shorten, has left the Victorian Left incredulous……..Howes won’t escape scrutiny for his role either.

“This was a loathsome performance … what the hell is Paul Howes doing instructing the caucus?,” one senior Victorian left faction source told Crikey this morning.

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Tim Flannery goes anti nuclear?

Time Flannery, previous darling of the Australian nuclear lobby – seems to have got off his pro nuclear horse – well – to some degree anyway. He’s just against it for Australia.

But – that’s incurred the wrath of quite a few pro-nuclear columnists – he seems to be out of favour now

Flannery, quoted 20 June 2010, “Why should we take the most expensive option in this country, which has always been recognized as having the most expensive and difficult option.

We are going to see a whole lot of other technologies and innovations which are now well under way which we could use instead of nuclear power……. Such as concentrated PV technology, geothermal technology, wave power, wind power.”

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Paul Howes, like Martin Ferguson, a Nuclear Salesman

A loyal class-war warrior | The Australian, 18 May 2010,  “ THE Secretary of the Australian Workers’ Union, Paul Howes, …….. Perhaps the most controversial position Howes has taken, one that puts him at odds with the Labor government, is his staunch support for nuclear energy in this country.He has spoken on the issue in a number of public forums, and received front-page newspaper coverage for the stance, including in The Australian. Continue reading

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Tilman Ruff – an Australian anti nuclear hero

Nuclear nemesis, The Age, JO CHANDLER, April 10, 2010Ads  WHAT makes an activist “……Associate Professor Tilman Ruff, part-time physician, full-time campaigner against nuclear arms, and cancer survivor – a doctor who considers protecting the world from nuclear arms as fundamental to public health as the vaccines he dispenses……. Continue reading

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Dr. Helen Caldicott – the power of one activist

What Makes An Activist Tick? 6 Apr 2010 By Activist, medico, educator, broadcaster and writer Dr Helen Caldicott began her career as a physician in Adelaide. She is a passionate advocate of citizen action and has campaigned on nuclear and environmental issues around the world for the last 38 years. Continue reading

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