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Nuclear lobby a powerful influence on Nuclear Non Proliferation decisions

The big pitch to get “nuclear security” (now there’s another oxymoron) is being taken up by the nuclear lobby, with fervour. Let’s get new gee-whiz reactors that can use the old nuclear weapons fuel!

The world still ends up with even more toxic waste from these reactors. And the transport of the enriched uranium and plutonium? Still plenty of scope there for somebody to get hold of it and make a bomb. Even a “dirty bomb” will do. – our theme for April – Nuclear Power and Peace

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Nuclear corporation AREVA guiding Nuclear Security policies

The roundtable was hosted by Vice President Biden.

AREVA CEO Lauvergeon Participates In Nuclear Security Summit, Nuclear Power Industry News, 21 April 2010, By Stephen Heiser – “……AREVA CEO Anne Lauvergeon participated in Nuclear Security Summit activities taking place this week in Washington, D.C.  President Obama and global leaders were meeting to pursue a comprehensive nuclear security agenda to secure vulnerable nuclear materials around the world in four years…… Continue reading

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Review: nuclear waste, Security Summit, Non Proliferation

Review. Australia. Government and media doing a fine job keeping quiet about the Senate Inquiry into Radioactive Waste Management Bill, while opposition mounts locally to the Northern territory nuke waste dump plan. South Australia’s Rann govt embarassed at $million cost likely from its court defeat regarding uranium protestors. Confusion in the uranium mining lobby, as prices tumble. Even more confusion about the Nuclear Security Summit plan to promote recycled uranium. Meanwhile ANSTO salivates at the thought of setting up a lucrative nuclear waste management business, and ANSTO’s baby, Silex promotes its dangerous laser nuclear technology.

International: Some 20 countries or more join up to Nuclear security Summit plan to send their enriched uranium to USA  or to Russia, for recycling.  Anxiety over earthquake risks in this plan.  Much confusion over Recycling, Reprocessing, Fast Breeder Reactors, Integral Fast Reactors.  Nuclear lobby gears up, with AREVA promoting its products at Nuclear Security Summit.  More nuclear power promotion for upcoming Non-Proliferation talks. India grappling with problem of nuclear insurance, and of a dramatic radiation exposure incident

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Like AREVA, nuclear energy company Silex buys into solar power

But the purchase leaves households interested in buying solar panels with a dilemma: by buying Australian-made panels, they are indirectly investing in nuclear energy as well.

Solar panel factory sees the sun again, Sydney Morning Herald BEN CUBBY,  April 14, 2010THE biggest solar-panel factory in the southern hemisphere is to open in Sydney this morning – after it was rescued by a nuclear energy research company. Continue reading

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France’s toxic radioactive mess in uranium-rich Niger

Nuclear colonialism  News24:  : AndreasSpath 2010-04-07 Fans of nuclear energy love France. They habitually depict the country which produces more than three quarters of its electricity using atomic power as the way forward to clean, cheap and low-carbon energy for all. In their enthusiasm they tend to ignore the less than glamorous aspects of the French nuclear industry. Continue reading

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Uranium mining’s damage to Niger

“You can’t just fight against nuclear power plants and waste repositories,” he said. “If you want to kill the tree, kill the roots”. He was referring to the uranium mines.

Uranium Mining in Niger ‘Tuareg Activist Takes on French Nuclear Company’ The Blogger: 2 April 2010, “……..A total of 80,000 people live in the two cities Areva created in the desert to service the mines. There are no paved roads, but there is plenty of reddish-brown dust, which penetrates into every crack and pore. Well water is radioactively contaminated, and precious fossil groundwater is used in the uranium ore processing plant. The region’s nomads are finding fewer and fewer pastures for their cattle, and people are affected by fatal illnesses. Continue reading

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France’s nuclear industry – not safe, not clean

(This site contains an informative video on France’s radioactive pollution. In French and Italian)

The safe French nuclear is a Government joke. Try and put the words France “nuclear accidents” into Google. You get about 28,000 results. Nuclear accidents in France are no longer news.

(France and Italy)  Nuclear dwarves, Beppe Grillo’s Blog 17 March 2010, “…….If the nuclear “picciotto” {rank and file mafioso} in Italy is Berlusconi, its instigator is Sarkozy. The greatest pusher of nuclear power stations in the world. And thus it is with joy that I read the news of the electoral collapse of the “Transalpine Carlànano”. One dwarf attracts another…. Sarkozy could lose in the whole of France at the second round…. Continue reading

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Uranium prices too low to make production economical – AREVA

AREVA May Cut Uranium Production By Melissa Pistilli, Uranium Investing News, 15 March.2010, Depressing uranium prices have forced French uranium miner AREVA to plan a review of its projects, which may lead to a 20 per cent cut in its 2012 output target.

Last September, the company pegged its 2012 production number at 12,000 tonnes of U308, but now says uranium prices are too low to make production costs economical. Continue reading

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Review: Nuclear waste dumping, nuclear’s costs and safety

Australia: Others join Maralinga veterans’ court case. Mounting opposition to NT nuclear waste dump, while both major parties push for it. Movement for sustainable energy becoming nationally organised

International: Questions in U.S. Congress about financial risks of Obama’s nukes policy, as States become anxious over costs and safety. Pro nukes enthuise over “clean”, “renewable” nuclear energy Safety risks raised over UK’s planned French nuclear reactors, while France mounts push to sell nuke reactors to 3rd World. Practicality and popularity of renewable energy continues to grow.

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Areva getting out of an Australian uranium project

WA stock values fall in January  WA Business News Finance: 17-February-

Berkeley Resources announced it had terminated its head of agreements signed in March 2006 with French nuclear power group Areva NC. In doing so, any rights previously granted to Areva for off-take or marketing of uranium production from Berkeley’s projects have been terminated with immediate effect,….

WA stock values fall in January – WA Business News

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Review: Renewables, USA, Areva’s deals

Review: Australia: Practical renewable energy plan suggested, while govt pursues ETS policy. AREVA buys up solar company. Govt ignores calls for compensation for Maralinga vets. Ranger uranium mine still leaking radioactivity.

International: Obama about to announce loans to nuclear industry, while Wall St. avoiding the nuclear financial bottomless pit. Big antinuclear protest in UK. Germany Environment Minister firm on closing nuke plants. Areva buying up solar plants, but also joining South Korea in nuclear push – the week that has been

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Nuclear giant Areva claims to be committed to Australian solar energy project

“Australia is definitely part of our strategy to become a world leader in concentrated solar power.”

New French owner committed to Ausra’s solar plans | The Courier-Mail Kerrie Sinclair February 14, 2010

FRENCH nuclear company Areva has secured a deal to take over US-Australian solar power plant company Ausra and says it is committed to Ausra’s local Australian project pipeline.

Ausra and Queensland state-owned utility CS Energy six months ago applied for federal funding for a portion of a $200 million solar thermal generator in addition to the 750-megawatt Kogan Creek coal-fired power plant, near Chinchilla. Continue reading

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Areva losing faith in ‘nuclear renaissance’ ?

Areva Switching From Nuclear Power To Solar ? The Oil Drum  by Big Gav  February 14, 2010

French energy company Areva (best known for its nuclear power business) has purchased solar thermal power company Ausra – yet another example of a promising Australian technology company ending up with foreign ownership.

One possible positive interpretation of the news is that Areva are losing faith in the oft-predicted but unrealised “nuclear renaissance” and now see the real future growth opportunities in large scale solar power, with nuclear power (at best) a legacy business……………. Continue reading

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Review: AREVA, Climate Policy, Iran’s uranium enrichment

Australia. Areva takes over Australian solar company. Continuing chaos on Australia’s Climate Change policy, as Rudd dithers over the Greens’ modest carbon tax plan, and Abbott is encouraged, as media publicises cranky extremist views of Lord Monckton. Sustainable Northern Australia report raises debate. W.A. govt refuses to hold public inquiry into uranium industry’s impact.

International: Obama appoints nuclear lobbyist as nuclear safety regulator. France’s AREVA joins powerful Korean nuclear industry competitor, while acquiring several solar companies. Iran ramps up uranium enrichment, while U.S and Israeli hawks preach war. Continuing anxieties over overuse of medical radiation – the week that has been

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Can nuclear giant AREVA be trusted with solar energy industry?

There are two ways of looking at the French nuclear company AREVA taking over an Australian solar company.

1. Areva’s resources, financial and expert, can bring the necessary push to really make this solar industry happen. And, with the financial mess that is developing in AREVA’s nuclear industry, this solar move could herald a very positive transition away from nuclear, and to renewables.

2. In Australia, we have a sad history of fossil fuel interests buying up solar industry initiatives precisely for the purpose of killing them off. AREVA has just joined forces with its powerful Korean nuclear competitor, KEPCO. Can corporations like Areva be trusted to really develop renewable technologies – or are they out to suppress them so as to promote their nuclear power empire?

I would like to think that Areva is truly diversifying, and promoting renewable energy technologies. I bear in mind the work of people like Ralph Nader, who has always been willing to talk with polluting corporations, and work for improvements.

Nevertheless, the fear remains.

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