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New DVD from Germany, about Olympic Dam uranium mine

The DVD specializes in the truth of BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam (Roxby) uranium mine in northern South Australia–the world’s greatest uranium deposit.

The Reality About The Largest Uranium Mine in Australia, Bukisa, Oct 25th, 2010 by scotmxncmoe Continue reading

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Western Australian govt’s Aboriginal land grab opposed by Greens

Greens slam compulsory WA land grab, Sydney Morning Herald, October 14, 2010 AAP Australian Greens leader Bob Brown has slammed West Australian Premier Colin Barnett’s decision to compulsorily acquire land in the Kimberley for a gas hub
Senator Brown on Wednesday toured James Price Point, the site chosen for the $30 billion Woodside Petroleum-led project, 60km north of Broome.

The Greens leader told a public meeting that night in Broome he would work hard to put the issue on the national agenda……Greens slam compulsory WA land grab

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BHP Billiton and uranium mining – a bad investment

Across the globe from uranium mines to coal, nickel and copper BHP have a trail of bad human rights records, poor working conditions for workers, environmental damage and dodging responsibilities.

Tell BHP Billiton Uranium mining is bad investment!Uranium Free, Oct 10, In 2006 BHP Billiton bought up Western Mining Corporation and with it their uranium mine assets at Olympic Dam in South Australia and Yeelirrie in Western Australia. Since then people around Australia and internationally have been calling on BHP to back out of uranium, an expensive, toxic industry which produces radioactive waste and weapons usable material. Continue reading

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Australian Greens support Aboriginal fight against Muckaty nuclear waste dump

He read a letter from traditional owners to Parliament – “We are the Aboriginal people who own the land and the dreamings you are talking about, we are asking that you reject this bill and scrap Muckaty as a site for the waste dump.”

Greens urge rethink of nuclear dump site – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), By Megan Lewis  Sep 29, 2010 The Greens have urged the Federal Government to scrap plans to build a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station in the Northern Territory…… Continue reading

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International Catholic group condemns Australia’s Aboriginal Intervention

“The Intervention has taken control of the lives of Aboriginal peoples through such measures as compulsory income management and compulsory acquisition of leases over Aboriginal land.

“The Labor Government has continued the Intervention which remains a blight on Australia’s reputation.”

Territory shame The Catholic Leader: : 23 September 2010 By: Paul Dobbyn AUSTRALIA’S “shameful treatment” of indigenous people in remote Northern Territory communities has been exposed during a six-day fact-finding mission by local and international visitors, a prominent Aboriginal Catholic leader has said.  Continue reading

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How uranium mining poisoned the Navajo

investigative journalist Judy Pasternak comprehensively recounts in her chilling new book, “Yellow Dirt: An American Story of a Poisoned Land and a People Betrayed.”

“Yellow Dirt”: Radioactive reservation, The shocking story of how industry and government poisoned and then abandoned the Navajo Nation,,  Laura Miller, 19 Sept 10,

In the summer of 1979, an earthen dam over the town of Church Rock, Utah, broke, flooding the arroyo below and then the bed of the Rio Puerco (an intermittent stream) on the southern border of the Navajo Nation. It was a small flood, but a dangerous one. It burned the feet of a boy who stepped into it, and caused sheep and crops along the banks to drop dead. Continue reading

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Liberal MP in Northern Territory plans to betray Aboriginal Jeffrey Lee

Member for Katherine Willem Westra van Holthe wrote: “People like Mr Lee won’t be around forever so I believe it will be easier to ‘unreserve’ a piece of land than mine it inside a park boundary or excise it … at a later time.”….

CLP digs up new uranium policy | Northern Territory News | Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia |, BEN LANGFORD, September 16th, 2010 PLOTTING is afoot within the Territory Opposition to change its policy on uranium mining at Koongarra, a leaked email shows. Continue reading

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Western Australian Aboriginals to Canberra to stop compulsory acquistion of their land

compulsory acquisition ……, is about taking away Aboriginal people’s Native Title rights and interest in a piece of land for the purpose of a big mining company making loads, lots and lots of money.

Indigenous leaders take land grab complaint to Canberra Radio Australia, September 14, 2010 The Kimberley Land Council has taken its campaign against the James Price liquified natural gas project in Western Australia to Canberra.

Two weeks ago the Western Australian government began a compulsory acquisition process for land in the Kimberley region in the north-west of the state. Continue reading

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29% voter swing to Greens in Northern Territory’s proposed nuke waste dump area

with many of the intervention’s most controversial elements still in place during Labor’s first term, some voters chose not to vote for either major party. Other issues, like the proposed Muckaty Station nuclear waste dump, seemed to have an effect.

In Tennant Creek, near where the facility would be built, Labor had a 24 per cent swing away from it in primary votes, while the Greens, who are opposed to the dump, achieved a swing of 29 per cent

The shifting tide of Territory politics, ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), By Katrina Bolton –   Sep 9, 2010 Continue reading

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Poor economic outlook adds to opposition to Angela Pamela uranium mine

the mine is unlikely to go ahead due to poor economic viability. Yet another reason to ramp up the opposition to this marginal and unpopular mine.
Arid Lands Environment Centre, Jess Abrahams, 9 Sept 10, On the eve of the Federal election in Alice Springs, incumbent local member Warren Snowdon made an announcement that if they were re-elected, Labor would fund a study into the threat to Alice Springs’s groundwater supplies from a uranium mine at Angela Pamela.
The problem with Snowdon’s $100,000 water contamination study, is that it is seriously underfunded, rushed and too narrowly focussed. Continue reading

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National rage against compulsory grab of Aboriginal land.

  • The decision, as predicted in The Australian last Thursday, sparked nationwide indignation, with critics accusing Premier Colin Barnett of taking Aborigines back to colonial days and “sticking a finger in their eye” to do the bidding of Woodside.
  • Woodside land move to be felt ‘around world’ | The Australian,Amanda O’Brien September 03, 2010

ABORIGINAL leaders and celebrity environmentalists have threatened to mobilise across Australia in a battle “as big as Noonkanbah”. Continue reading

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Compulsory acquistion of Aboriginal land; gas now, uranium later?

“What I say to the Premier is be very careful about setting precedents like this, they can do more damage that you can ever imagine. I think compulsorily acquisition is, in a sense, another act of colonialism, it’s another theft of our land, it’s another invasion. It should never ever be contemplated at a political level….

Compulsory acquisition ‘theft’ of land,  ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), 2 Sept 10 Indigenous academic Mick Dodson has delivered a warning to the WA Premier, describing compulsory acquisition of land for the Kimberley gas hub as theft and an invasion. Continue reading

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Villagers in India repel visit of nuclear promotional team

The district authorities had planned to organize an awareness meeting with the people, mostly fisherfolk, on Wednesday to discuss the feasibility of the nuclear plant. But it was cancelled following the revolt from the people of the area,

(India) Kovvada villagers stage protest against nuclear expert team – Hyderabad – City – The Times of India, 31 Aug 2010, RANASTALAM (SRIKAKULAM): The experts team of nuclear energy and oceanography faced the ire of the local fishermen when they visited the proposed nuclear power plant site at Kovvada Matyalesam here on Tuesday. Continue reading

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Aboriginals and Labor oppose uranium mining in Western Australia

Kade Muir, a Wongatha anthropologist who was born in Kalgoorlie but now resides elsewhere, says, “We don’t want this product disturbed from the ground. We don’t want to bequeath a legacy for future generations of a toxic environment.”

Enough of Uranium Mining, Say Aboriginal Communities. Galdu. Resource Centre for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, August 2010, KALGOORLIE-BOULDER, Australia — As a mining giant prepares to open a major uranium mining site in Western Australia next year, the clamour for the state to once more ban mining of the radioactive mineral has become louder.
By Jessie Boylan, IPS Continue reading

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Australia’s Parliament reported on degrading effect of uranium mining on Aboriginal people

The1997 Australian parliament report observes: ‘(The) history of uranium mining in Australia and its impact on Aboriginal people is deplorable. Past mining in places like Rum Jungle have left areas so degraded that traditional owners are unable to use them, while mines such as Ranger (also in the Northern Territory) have been forced on traditional owners against their will.” “Even at mines such as Olympic Dam,” it adds, “…there was deep concern at the reckless degradation of sacred sites and insensitivity to their culture.”

Enough of Uranium Mining, Say Aboriginal Communities. Galdu. Resource Centre for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, August 2010, “……..For decades, uranium mining has been a touchy subject for Aboriginal people. Hundreds of Aboriginal communities were cleared out into cattle stations, towns and cities in the fifties and sixties, when Australian and British governments tested atomic weapons in the South Australian desert and off the coast of Western Australia. Continue reading

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