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No nuclear waste dump for uranium baron South Australia

with past scientific assessment declaring Woomera in South Australia as the best option, Premier Mike Rann was quickly on the defensive, saying a nuclear waste dump would jeopardise his state’s clean, green reputation.

“We took the Howard government to the High Court to stop the nation’s nuclear waste dump being set up in this state.

Arguments flare again over nuke waste dump,  David Nason , The Australian ,  June 29, 2010 JULIA Gillard’s rise to Prime Minister has sparked a new debate over where to locate a nuclear waste dump. Continue reading

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Bleak future for uranium, but not because of resources tax

The mining lobby, and their media servants revel in attacking the Australian government over the proposed super profit resources tax. They blame theis for a poor outlook for for example, the expanded Olympic Dam uranium mine.

But the truth of the poor uranium outlook is otherwise.

Tax gains from bad apples: reduce your tax bill | The Australian, 16 June 2010, Guadagnuolo sees little prospect of a sustained recovery for uranium miner Energy Resources Australia ………”Further, we think the market has overestimated the scarcity of uranium, while advances in reactor technology will limit demand as reprocessing becomes increasingly effective, with the added benefit of limiting the proliferation of nuclear materials,” he says…..PRIME CANDIDATE FOR TAX LOSS SELLING……Energy Resources of Australia (ERA): Down 43 per cent since June 30.

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Review: hypocrisy on uranium and nuclear industry

Australia: what a load of hypocrisy is going on. about the Resources Tax!  BHP saying that Olympic Dam uranium mine’s expansion is threatened.  Of course it is!  – By the collapse of the uranium market ! ANSTO forced to admit its safety failures. And, we wait to see if Peter Garrett will be able to promote AREVA’s uranium mining in Koongarra, while he still poses as Minister for Environment

International: hypocrisy as the closing Nuclear Non Proliferation conference promotes the nuclear industry, as pro-nukes suggest nuke bombing the oil spill, as the industry touts new, little, thorium reactors.  All in a desperate bid to keep the “peaceful” nuclear industry afloat, as nuclear reactors age and close down, while new ones just aren’t getting built, except in secretive totalitarian states, such as China

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Lax controls in possibly corrupt BHP Billiton

BHP Reveals Possible Corruption  Australasian Investment Review – (AIR) 22 April 2010, BHP Billiton, the world’s biggest mining company, has joined its smaller rival, Rio Tinto, in being implicated in possible corrupt activities.The news was buried in the company’s first quarter exploration and development report, issued yesterday……
The ASX and or ASIC should ask BHP to provide more details as soon as possible……The disclosure laws here in Australia will have to be applied to see if BHP has provided timely and adequate disclosure to the local (and London) markets……There’s no word on whether the US Justice Department will become involved, but if it involves a breach of America’s bribery laws, it will.

If the reports are confirmed then authorities in countries in Europe, especially the European Commission and China could also become involved…..the fact that the allegations have been raised by the SEC shows the lax controls inside BHP, Australasian Investment Review

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An Olympic sized earthquake danger

the EIS Study Team is not competent to evaluate seismic risk. The EIS Study Team did not include any geophysicists – it is essential that the EIS be approved by seismologists,

EARTHQUAKE WARNINGS – SOUTH AUSTRALIANS WAITING FOR THE BIG ONE April 18, 2010 by Coober Pedy Regional Times“.……in 2004 Sandra Kanck, Leader of the South Australian Democrats and Member of the Legislative Council warned that the earthquake risk was too high for the proposed nuclear waste dump at Woomera in South Australia’s Far North……

OLYMPIC DAM: Mashers Fault Mashers Fault and the Seismicity Anticipated to be Stimulated by the Proposed Open Pit Mine at Olympic Dam, By: Edward Cranswick, Geophysicist,

Abstract: The proposed excavation at Olympic Dam of one of the largest open pit mines on Earth, 4.1 km long, 3.5 km wide, 1 km deep, at a bend in the steeply dipping, 35-km-long Mashers Fault, and the associated perturbation of the local groundwater pore pressures in a region of horizontal compressive stress would most likely stimulate local seismicity. Continue reading

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BHP’s uranium mine expansion will destroy Aboriginal heritage

Elder attacks Olympic Dam excavation plans ABC News 1 February 2010

Plans by BHP Billiton to excavate around its Olympic Dam mine in South Australia’s north have come under fire from a local Aboriginal elder. Continue reading

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South Australia’s history of land grab from aborigines

Book reveals SA land injustice BigPond News 21 Dec 09

A new book alleges South Australia was built on an unlawful land grab, which breached British laws protecting the rights of Aboriginal people.

The book, called Coming to Terms, says a rule requiring the settlers to obtain land from the indigenous people only with their consent was ignored.

It says by the end of 1836, the Aboriginal people had been stripped of all their land.

Former High Court justice Michael Kirby will launch the book in Adelaide.

Book reveals SA land injustice | National – Regional | Telstra BigPond News and Weather

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BHP Billiton tight-lipped about virtual shut-down of Olympic Dam

BHPB-Olympic-SmAccident slashes Olympic Dam output  – THE AUSTRALIAN Matt Chambers | October 08, 2009

BHP Billiton’s giant Olympic Dam underground mine in South Australia could be running at less than half capacity for months after a mechanical failure sent a full load of ore plummeting to the bottom of its 800m-deep main shaft. Continue reading

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Radioactivity from uranium to go way beyond Roxby Downs?  By Lynn Stanfield 30 Sept 09 “……..It would not be out of the question to consider this dusty little equation :If a violent dust-storm were to arise in the Woomera – Roxby Downs – Olympic Dam region, then the prevailing ‘Westerly Winds’ which stream across our country at around the 30 – 32 deg (s) latitudes are bound to contain a heap of Uranium 234 particulate matter!. Continue reading

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Nuclear Technology Agency will Analyse Possibly Radioactive Dust

So ANSTO will analyse Australia’s dust storms?   – Sounds a bit like Dracula looking after the Blood Bank –  Christina Macpherson

Glowing welcome for nuclear partnership
PS NewsvANU 29 Sept 09 The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation and the Australian National University have joined together in a partnership aimed at enhancing the nation’s nuclear science and technology engagement. Continue reading

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