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Australia gambles on the dodgy uranium industry

You do wonder where Australian politics is heading. Clearly the big uranium miners BHP, Rio Tinto, ExStrata, are now dictating Labor policy on mining tax. (They have always dictated Liberal policy).  Some ambitious union leaders are also hand in glove with those big miners, as are the South Australian and Western Australian governments.

Those States, and the Northern Territory are crawling with uranium explorers, and  uranium mining is being hyped in the media.  Yet  uranium prices fall, and the nuclear industry stalls in USA, Europe, Britain.

Australia pitches its glowing uranium prospects on China.  China is  notorious for corruption, including in the nuclear industry, it has  dubious safety and nuclear waste management,  and a keen nuclear weapons program. But apart from all that –  China might wake up to the financial and environmental negatives of nuclear power.

While China itself, and Europe, and soon, even USA,  show the way on 21st Century renewable energy technologies, Australia is gambling on a very dodgy future of uranium sales.

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Young activists spread anti-nuclear message across Australia

Since returning, solidarity bus riders have addressed public meetings in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Wollongong. Several are taking part in the Friends of the Earth Nuclear Freeways tour

Protesters issue warning on Olympic Dam expansion, Green Left Weekly, August 1, 2010, By Patrick Harrison After spending over two weeks on the road together, students and activists onboard the New South Wales “Indigenous Solidarity Ride” stopped at Olympic Dam on July 15 to protest against a proposed uranium mine expansion. Continue reading

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BHP- cutting staff, new Environmental Impact Statement on OLympic Dam uranium mine expansion

The decision is understood to affect about 150 staff…..BHP is preparing a supplementary environmental impact statement in response to public consultation on its draft EIS for the Olympic Dam expansion.

BHP to move white-collar jobs interstate and overseas Gavin Lower .  The Australian July 23, 2010 Continue reading

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Protest at Olympic Dam against effects on Aborigines, water, pollution

Zane Alcorn said: “Not only is the expansion at Olympic Dam going ahead without the consent of traditional owners, but tens of thousands of gigalitres of water per day is being sucked out of the Artesian Basin on Arabunna land to service the mine.

Protesters block mine. Roxby Downs Sun, 22 Jul, 2010 Forty anti-nuclear activists staged a protest on Friday against the Olympic Dam expansion, blockading the entrance and stopping traffic from entering.

The protest aimed to highlight the “catastrophic effects” the mine and its expansion would have on traditional owners and their natural resources. Activists painted themselves blue and used their bodies to spell words such as water, with some people partly naked to help draw attention to their views. Continue reading

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Greed and stupidity in uranium investment world

You would think that investors would wake up to the hype!  The so-called “nuclear renaissance” is just not happening.

Even the market for nuclear weapons is now looking dodgy – these being no protection whatever from terrorists, (in fact  a target for them)

China is looking to slow down its economy.-  China’s supposed  great uranium binge is a BHP executives’ fantasy

There is  a glut of uranium supply, made worse by the weapons reduction program, which now supplies  uranium (mining not needed)

From today’s CTV News: Despite the low spot and term prices, uranium producers have shown almost no discipline by reducing current or planned output,”…Despite falling uranium prices, worldwide spending on exploration and mine development grew 133 per cent to $1.6-billion in 2008 from 2006″

In sunny Australia, passing up the chance to develop 21st Century renewables,  we are mindlessly letting banks, super funds etc,  put our money into this gaping hole of impending loss – the almost certainly doomed uranium industry.

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Australia’s Greens tell it like it is on Uranium, Nuclear Industry

“Recently we have been hearing a lot about ‘surging uranium prices’ and a ‘global nuclear renaissance’ but you only need to chart uranium miners’ share prices and the world uranium price to see the reality is strangely at odds with the hype,” Senator Ludlam said……..”Worldwide, the global civil nuclear industry is in serious trouble and nuclear weapons disarmament negotiations are suppressing world uranium prices.

Greens step up anti-uranium mining campaign, 21st July 2010, Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam will deliver a straightforward message to uranium miners and investors at the Australian Uranium Summit in Fremantle today

“The industry remains unsafe, unwanted and uneconomic. Pursuing investments in this least sustainable of industries will end in tears,” Senator Ludlam said. Continue reading

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The nuclear fuel cycle and Climate Change

“When the Dust Settles” can now be viewed on You Tube

A final word on climate change | Coober Pedy Regional Times July 17, 2010 The ETU does not accept the argument that nuclear energy is an answer to the harmful impact on the world’s climate of burning fossil fuels.

Mr Simpson said you do not solve one problem by creating another, more dangerous one.

“How can anyone credibly argue that the answer to global warming or atmospheric pollution is to significantly increase the risk of people getting cancer or them giving birth to deformed babies? Continue reading

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World’s biggest uranium hole, BHP’s Olympic Dam. in doubt

“we are hearing from engineering circles that BHP has gone cold on the project. And it’s my gut feeling that the enthusiasm isn’t quite there any more.” – shadow mining minister Mitch Williams

Hole lot of trouble for BHP – The Independent  Weekly,  KEVIN NAUGHTON, 17 Jul, 2010 BHP Billiton’s Clark Shaft at Olympic Dam is set to return to full production, ending a nine-month lull in copper and uranium output.

But the news comes as speculation again surfaces about the company’s long-term plans for the mine…….

Continue reading

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Stop BHP’s expansion of Olympic Dam Uranium Mine

Zane Alcorn, said their purpose was to highlight the catastrophic effects the mine and its planned expansion would have on traditional owners, their land and future generations…..tens of thousands of gigalitres of water per day is being sucked out of the Artesian Basin on Arabunna land to service the mine,”

Protesters gather at mine site, Sydney Morning Herald, July 16, 2010 An anti-nuclear protester has chained himself to a four-wheel-drive blocking the road to BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam uranium mine in South Australia’s far north. Continue reading

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Free DVD on uranium mining danger to Australia’s workers

“When the dust settles” – a David Bradbury film If anyone wants a free copy of the dvd, all they have to do  is send  $5 bucks (postage costs) in an envelope to
PO Box 1250 Mullumbimby
NSW 2482 for a copy.
Or they they can go online and check it out for free (less quality) on youtube

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Costs and low uranium prices put Olympic Dam expansion at risk

BHP’s Olympic Dam expansion under pressure, Business Spectator 12 Jul 2010 BHP Billiton Ltd’s $US20 billion Olympic Dam expansion in Australia may be delayed by a protracted environmental assessment and cost, the Australian Financial Review reports. The recent softening prices for Olympic Dam’s key minerals, especially uranium, and a significant increase in the required capital is also understood to be weighing on BHP, the paper said. Continue reading

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Encouraging advice for Australian Govt and Nuclear Industry

Having Troubles with your local Aborigines? 20 Ways to Commit Publicly Acceptable Genocide

“……13, When Aboriginal people protest mining and development on their own land, tell them they don’t understand what’s good for them. Tell them that they should be grateful for radioactive pollution because it comes with a cheque from the mining company. Make sure the government doesn’t provide any services to areas with high Aboriginal populations. Allow the mining companies to promise a service infrastructure well below the national standard. Tell the Aborigines that without the mining company they will have nothing. Don’t be bothered if the mining company fails all promises. Set up an extra government department to look at Aboriginal services. Uset his money to subsidise another government department. Use the leftovers to subsidise the obligations of the mining company. Announce an increase in government funding on the needs of Aboriginal people, as though housing is a special need of Aborigines. Thank the mining company for caring for the community and contributing to the economy….”  Adapted by Emma Heughan and Matt Fagan from an untitled article obtained from the internet dealing with the genocide of Native Americans.


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Australia’s students take to the streets against the uranium/nuclear industry

7 July 2010, Students take to the street to hold nuclear scumbags accountable.

Today hundreds of students from across  Australia will take to the streets of Adelaide on The ‘Nuclear Scumbags Tour’. This will be a creative and informative demonstration by Traditional Owners, students, and community members speaking out against the coercion and exploitation of Aboriginal communities by Government and nuclear industry alike. The irresponsible industry practices combined with the lack of ethical government policy shows complete disregard for the environment, water and indigenous rights. Continue reading

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Uranium Awareness from Experts, with Aboriginal Interpreters

Uranium awareness tour hits the road  5 July 2010, The Kimberley Uranium Awareness Community Forums kick off this week with meetings in Kununurra, Halls Creek, Billiluna, Fitzroy Crossing, Looma, Mowanjum, Derby and Broome.

The forums aim to inform Kimberley people about the risks of uranium mining and how this activity has affected Indigenous in other parts of Australia. Forum organisers have invited technical experts and Traditional Owners from the Northern Territory and South Australia to speak at the meetings. Continue reading

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BHP and Olympic Dam uranium mining – beyond the laws

BHP Billiton’s power in Australia seems to grow daily.

BHP , Rio Tinto, Xstrata showed their power by intimidating Julia Gillard with the threat of renewing their $100 million advertising campaign.  She had to act fast – hence the new,  watered-down Resources Rent Tax.

Exempted from Australia’s planned new Resources Rent Tax, and with BHP people in its policy-making, along with their lackey, Martin Ferguson, BHP adds to its  achievements in being beyond both Federal and State laws.

Water: In South Australia, BHP’s Olympic Dam uranium mining  gets 37 million litres of water daily completely free of charge

SA Roxby Downs Indenture Act  . This legislation allows the mine to operate with wide-ranging exemptions from:

Aboriginal Heritage Protection Act

Environment Protection Act

Natural Resources Act

Freedom of Information Act

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